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Plastic free and works

Works wonders and LOVE that it comes in a paper bag! A stable in my laundry.

Best product ever

Love using sodium percarbonate on everything that needs soaking. I use to use napisan but honestly it never really got the stains out. I use this all the time on my tea towels. Will def be purchasing this again

Recipe Friend

Excellent ingredient for under the Sink recipes.

Citric Acid
Gillian H.
Excellent Toilet Cleaner

Fast and effective at removing stains in the toilet.

Citric Acid
Susi W.
Ctric Acid

Hi there,
I have been using citric acid as a fabric softener for 8 years from under your sink. The research Analise puts into sourcing her products is stainable and ethical, and financially viable. I would recommend any product from under your sink.

Laundry Soaker

Sodium percarbonate is an excellent stain remover for laundry. Great it is environmentally friendly too.

Wonderful products

Such great products at such great prices thanks Analisa you are very much appreciated

Love you products

Great prices, great quality, delivered quickly. Couldn’t ask for better. Will definitely purchase from you again. Thank you.


There are so many uses for sodium percarbonate. Essential for bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Borax (Natural)
Melanie M.

Borax is a powerhouse product great at removing stains. I use in my toilet, bathroom, kitchen and wash to help lift grime easily

Love these jars.

Love these jars. Such a classic look and great quality. Have our washing powder in these and they look beautiful on the shelf.

Perfect Storage Option

Received my labelled 750 ml Apothecary Jars last week. Arrived safely & securely packed. Purchased in addition to my Give it a go Starter Kit so I would have gorgeous & reusable storage options for my homemade Laundry powder & Fabric Softener. I like the fact they have a plastic insert inside the lid for easy dispensing and no spillage.
I look forward to purchasing more.

Love under the sink

always love your products. Great price, great quality, delivered quickly. Couldn’t ask for better. Will definitely purchase from you again. Thank you.

Xanthan Gum

Every item I’ve ordered from this store has been of the highest quality, as well as beautifully presented.
Plus, amazing customer service, support, & care, that goes above & beyond.

Very happy

Am very happy wit the amber glass trigger spray bottle. Alot classier than any plastic variety. Thankyou.

Cleaning guide

Very thorough and well written. Also so handy to have all this information in the one place when you need it.

Green Cleaning Recipes Book

A treasure trove of easy to make recipes for all aspects of green cleaning. A wonderful resource and reference book.


I loved how easy it was to make everything with step by step instructions and everything that I need was in the kit. Would highly recommend this product.

Vegetable Glycerine

Beautiful product and such lovely glass bottle, I love it!


So glad I found this safe but super effective product for stain removal.

Great for Dirty Tea Towels

I use the sodium per carbonate as an oxygen bleach mainly for tea towels and it takes most of the grubbiness out. They definitely look much much cleaner and brighter.

Very stylish

Even the laundry can look good, all these products are functional but very chic, you want to have them on display.

Fantastic service and friendliness -

Fantastic service and friendliness - Analisa bent over backwards for me. Thank you so much.

Good size for smaller DIY projects

Great quality, easy to use, perfect size for a small house

Beautifully crafted

Elegant and practical. I can put my used essential oils and life straight into the jar and then pour into the washing machine. Spray bottles are a great size too.