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Bicarb Soda

Bicarb Soda

“Love having this in my washing powder”

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Bicarb is an ancient mineral that has been used for centuries in various cleaning applications and still is today. It has passed the test of time and proven its value in cleaning.

  • Water Softener: It reacts with hard water minerals, such as calcium and magnesium ions. This reaction softens the water, allowing soaps to lather more effectively and improves their cleaning action.
  • Mild Abrasive: Effective for scrubbing away dirt, grime, and stains without causing damage to surfaces. It's commonly used for surfaces like sinks, countertops, and appliances.
  • Deodoriser: Can neutralise acidic substances, making it effective for removing stains and odours as well as a useful deodorising agent.

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    Made of brown recycled paper and a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm these bags are not only a renewable resource but are also compostable, so you can dispose of them guilt-free. We recommend commercial composting, and please ensure you remove any tin ties and labels first. Depending on the environmental conditions, the Earth Bags can take approximately six months to decompose.

    Our unique glass apothecary jars are both cute and practical, adding a touch of charm to any home while keeping your products fresh, dry, and out of direct sunlight. With a wide mouth for easy filling, each jar can hold up to 750ml of our ingredients, though the exact weight depends on the density of the ingredient.

    Our jars are made from recycled glass, and their amber colour adds to their vintage appeal. Please note that due to their recycled nature, there may be slight imperfections that only add to their character. For ease of use, the inside of the lid measures approximately one tablespoon, making it simple to measure the perfect amount.

    A simple clear glass jar, but its a top food-grade quality, heat proof jar available in 1 litre and awesome 2 litre sizes. Perfect to store your ingredient

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    Usage Tips


    • Dilute to make a mild multipurpose cleaner
    • Sprinkle on sinks and surfaces for a mild abrasive
    • Use it to soak up oil spills
    • Deodorize bins, fridges and under the sink.


    • A common ingredient in handmade natural washing powders


    • Sprinkle in toilet bowel before scrubbing
    • Mix with citric acid to make bath, shower and toilet fragrance bombs

    General Household

    • Add to hot water for floor or window cleaning
    • Clean outdoor furniture, equipment, and BBQ
    • Carpet and mattress deodoriser

    • Cost effective

      Replace expensive, single use products with multi-purpose solutions.

    • Sustainable

      Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free reflects in every product we offer.

    • Convenient

      Simple solutions and a one stop shop for all natural cleaning supplies.

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    Kylie M.


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    great product

    great product

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    Bi Carb Soda

    Love having this in my washing powder.