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Welcome, so glad you are here. We have a complete solution to help you clean your home, using only the things you need and leaving out all the stuff you don't!

Replace all store bought cleaners with these simple handmade solutions. See what you can create with safer, more natural ingredients in our DIY recipe Hub.

Don't reply on the likes of  Unilver and Westfarmers to tell you what you need to clean. Empower yourself with the knowledge and solve all types of cleaning tasks like a pro!

Get set up with the right ingredients, tools and recipes to make your home beautiful and clean with our famous, value packed starter kits.

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Quality Ingredients

DIY cleaning ingredients in a range of sizes 

Ready to Go Cleaners

No mixing required, products ready to use

Essential Oils

Fragrance your home with natural scents.

Glass Storage Solutions

Store & use your handmade creations in style

Eco Cleaning Tools

Better choices to help combat the war on waste