Green Cleaning Guides | How to use natural solutions around the home

  • How to tackle Soap Scum

    You need to know one simple science fact Use an Acid To remove soap scum that is not too bad, really hot water & a good scrub should do th...
  • How to use Laundry Butter

    In the Laundry   Use in your washing machine much like you would any laundry powder/liquid. You can add 1-2 tablespoons directly t...
  • How to clean your oven without suffocating

    Ever had to evacuate your house because you decided to clean your oven?  Oven cleaners are by far one of the most dangerou...
  • Carpet Freshener Guide

    Dust mites are a major triggers for asthma & other health issues. Regular vacuuming & airing out your rooms will keep the dust mite...
  • Crystal Clear - 5 ways to use 'the good stuff'

    1. Laundry Soak & Stain Remover Not only does Crystal Clear remove most stains, it can remove yellowing or greying from pill...
  • Floor Cleaning Guide

    Let's explore some common surfaces & how to clean them with natural DIY products that won’t damage your health & environment let alon...
  • Wood Furniture Polish Guide

    You will be amazed how simple, cheap & easy it can be to polish your wooden furniture with items from your kitchen pantry.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Guide

    This is a simple little recipe you can whip up (pardon the pun) and freshen the upholstery around your home.
  • Laundry Whitener & Brightener Guide

    Historically bleach has been the number one thing to brighten your white clothes. We should hopefully all know by now how dangerous chlorine bl...

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