Postage & Delivery

Fulfilling your Order

When your order comes through, I am so excited it's usually packed and processed the same day. However, I am human so please allow 1-2 days.  Fulfilment is complete once your order is packed (including your handwritten note) and the shipping request is in place with a reference number. You will receive email confirmation so you can track easily.

All orders are shipped from Melbourne Victoria (Australia)


Shipping Options

You can choose either a courier service through Sendle or Australia Post. When you go to checkout, options will display for your shipping based on your location and the total size/weight of your package.

Sendle Courier Service
Fantastic for standard postcodes and usually can accommodate packaged up to 25kg for the same price as a small package with Australia Post. This does vary based on postcode so your exact shipping costs will be provided at checkout.  

Note: Sendle can only deliver to residential addresses only

Australia Post:
This is ideal for PO Boxes or Parcel lockers however there are some limitations of up to 20kg so we can manage the fixed pricing.


Contact Us for personal shipping quote

You can always reach out with your address details so I can give you a general guide of shipping to your exact location. If you are a regular customer, we may even be able to help with an ongoing discount. Just ask and you shall receive!


Managing Postage Costs

I wish I could offer free shipping, but our goodies are not tiny and don’t slide into an envelope. We refuse to overprice our products to accommodate for free postage like a lot of other retailers do.  The best way is to buy in bulk and get closest you can to the weight limits using the courier service (max 25kg).


No International Shipping

Sorry rest of the world, too hard to send powder through the post without a lot of red tape! 


How can I track my order?

Once your order is fulfilled you will immediately be sent a confirmation email with the reference number and tracking details.

For Sendle, you can track your package here:

For Australia post parcels, you can track your package here:

Any concerns reach out anytime to

Where can I find my tracking number?

You will find the tracking number on your confirmation email from use that your order has been fulfilled.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Unfortunately, not sorry, couriers are on the road everywhere and cannot accommodate these requests.

I have not received my parcel, what should I do?

First step is to check the tracking details and you can lodge requests to follow up with the courier. It would also be great to let us know as well so we can see if there are anything we can do from our end, simply email

Can the driver call me before delivery?

Unfortunately not sorry, couriers are on the road everywhere and cannot accommodate these requests.

What if my products arrive damaged?

Firstly, that would be devastating, and we are sorry if this happens. It hurts us as much as it hurts you! While we pack our parcels with so much care and have fragile stickers galore, things happen. That is very important to let us know right away by emailing

Please take any photo evidence you can as this may also help us recover damages.

Next, we get personal and will work out a solution directly with you. For example, one bag may have busted but everything else was fine, then we would likely replace that bag.

What if my parcel is lost?

That would absolutely be horrible but not the end of the world! We would work out a solution directly with you that was reasonable. Please understand investigations would need to happen with the delivery service and possible compensation sought. After all we did do our part by sending the items.

But we love our customers, and would no way just leave you hanging. We would be moving mountains to come up with a quick and reasonable solution.

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