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Soap Flakes
Soap Flakes

500g Bag - $13.701kg Bag - $24.601.5kg Bag - $31.403kg Bag - $47.20

No need to grate soap bars for your DIY cleaners with this wonderful product.  

  • Made from only coconut oil, water & lye
  • Ground soap flakes for easy dilution
  • Cruelty free, Palm oil free & Vegan
  • Eco-friendly alternative to detergents
  • Plastic free packaging


    What is it?

    • Soap is a surfactant, a necessary function of cleaning. It traps dirt or anything other than water in a little ring called a ‘Micelle’ which is washed away with the rinse water

    • For it to be a true soap, it must be made using plant or animal fats, water, and lye.

    • Lye is essential in making soaps, anything that does not use lye is a detergent

    • Lye is a very strong alkaline that will convert a fat into a soap through saponification. The same principal is why alkali ingredients clean, as they essentially turn grease into soap which dissolved when washed away

    Liquid v Sold Soap

    • Soap can be in solid bar form or in liquid form and this all depends on the type of lye used. Sodium hydroxide is used for hard soap while potassium hydroxide is used for liquid soaps

    Methods for use

    • Dilute in hot/boiling water for soaking

    • Mix with other compatible ingredients to make powders and pastes

    Uses & Recipes

    Use soap anywhere there is a need to clean

    • Laundry Powder

    • Wool Wash and delicates

    • Multi Purpose Cleaning pastes

    • Hand/Body Wash

    • Dish Liquid

    • DIY beauty products

    • Car Wash


    The paper refill bags are great for the short term and to get your ingredients to you plastic free, but we recommend you transfer to an airtight jar or container of some sort. 

    Store bags away from direct sunlight, and in cooler, dryer places to kept products fresh, as the bags will break down quickly in the presence of heat, light and moisture.

    Get creative and re-purpose any plastic or glass container, just avoid storing in anything tin/aluminium.

    Or checkout our awesome glassware sets for a stylish and practical solution


    Your ingredient will come packaged in an Eco-Friendly Earth Bags. These earth bags are made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable. 

    It is recommended for commercial composting and can take approx 6 months to decompose depending on the environmental conditions.  Please remove any tin ties and labels before composting.

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