Citric Acid

Simply dilute Citric Acid with water for a stronger & zero waste alternative to vinegar.

  • Neutralises soap scum

  • Removes hard water deposits

  • Great fabric softener, dishwasher rinse aid & loo cleaner.


Here are a range of uses for the amazing ingredient, confirming how versatile it is. 

REMOVES HARD WATER STAINS: a solution with a six percent concentration of citric acid will remove hard water stains from glass without scrubbing 

RUST REMOVER: it is used to dissolve rust from steel 

BATHROOM SPRAY: Dissolve 2-3 Tablespoons in 1 litre warm water and spray your affected areas 

MOUTH RINSE: Citric acids kills bacteria and is a general disinfectant so can be used as a mouth rinse. But be careful – too much could cause tooth decay. 

RINSE AID: Make a rinse aid for your Dishwasher using citric acid and distilled/demineralised waterBATH BOMBS: Make with Citric acid, bicarb and some essential oils of your choice and have some fun! 

FACE MASKS: Citric acid reduces fine lines, is very good in preventing wrinkles, removes dead cells, prevent acne and treats uneven skin tone. Making this a darn fine ingredient for facials and homemade scrubs. 

TREAT FOOT ODOR: and toenail infections Use equal quantities of citric acid and bicarb in a bucket large enough for feet, fill it up with lukewarm water and add few drops of tea tree oil. Immerse your feet in it both morning and night for a few days. 

CLEANS DENTURES: Soak your dentures in a cup of warm water and teaspoon of food grade citric acid to help disinfectant and whiten 

JEWELLERY CLEANER: Soak diamonds in warm water and citric acid, rinse and wipe until sparkling. 

DESCALES & DISINFECT: Washing Machine In an empty washing machine, add two tablespoons of citric acid, use hot water, and run on the longest cycle. 

CAR CLEANING: Can be used to clean radiators and wheels 

FOOD PRESERVATIVE: Citric acid is present in a lot of processed food and the labels show it as “E330”. It is used in the canning process as it helps to maintain a healthy Ph balance inside the foods and helps to prevent botulism (a harmful form of food poisoning).


Used for a range of purposed from cooking to cleaning, citric acid is naturally occurring in citric fruits.It’s an odourless crystalline white solid.



Your goodies will be packaged plastic free Earth Bags. 

  • Made of brown recycled paper

  • Have a corn based 100% natural biofilm lining

  • Tin-tie for easy opening & resealing

  • Home Compostable & recyclable 

NOTE: If you order 3kg or more it will be made up of 1.5kg bags (ie. 3kg = 2 x 1.5kg bags)

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