What an absolute crazy year 2020 has been, especially here in Melbourne. It however has gone fast, as time does, and now we are coming to a brand new and brilliant new year. This is the year that all my grand plans for Under Your Sink will come to fruition so please hang in there with me, as this business stuff is a journey - remember its the actual green cleaning stuff I am passionate about.

Thank you so much for all the support and shared love of saving the planet, I hope I can do you proud and always make your day!


Due to the size of the Mega family Home Kit it was causing issues with postage, I had to tone down the options and now have 3 starter kits to choose from. We can also tailor a kit to suit you, so simply get in touch and we can organise a time to chat and work out an obligation free plan of attack


This one seriously ripped my heart out like in the scene from Indianna Jones (sorry you young ones may not know what I am talking about) but it appears there are some issues with some of the pumps or the bottles? This is what I am trying to get to the bottom of as some worked perfectly fine whilst I have discovered some are not staying secure, which is not ok. As a result I only have a very small amount available until I can ensure they are all perfect. 


If you would like to stock Under Your Sink products in your business, please get in touch and I can set you up with our wholesale rates. 

Thanks again for everything, I hope you have an amazing Christmas Break and the most wonderful 2021!

Now get on over and enjoy the sale that ends on the 13th December or when stocks run out!

Lots of Love