Easy solutions for sparkling Windows & Glass

Easy solutions for sparkling Windows & Glass

From the windows of your home to the delicate surfaces of your glassware, keeping glass gleaming requires a tailored approach. Here we uncover the best practices and natural ingredients essential for achieving glistening, streak-free glass.

First clean with a surfactant or degreaser

When faced with the challenge of dirty windows, shower screens, or bathroom mirrors, starting with a thorough clean using hot, soapy water is key. Liquid Castile Soap serves as an excellent natural option, boasting minimal ingredients for an eco-friendly approach.

For an extra boost in degreasing power, consider incorporating ingredients like Washing Soda, Borax, or Percarbonate—particularly effective for tackling grease on kitchen windows and glass surfaces.

Once the surface is prepped, utilise a scourer or scrub brush to agitate stubborn grime, followed by removing excess water with a squeegee. 

Now time to shine

Here we require a simple acidic solution to neutralise any soap scum, remove streaks and leave the shine you desire. And one famous acidic solution used in green cleaning is Vinegar!!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean and shine glass and windows. Just fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar spray and spray it onto your mirrors, windows, or any other glass surface you want to clean, and wipe away with a cloth.

No need for dilution—vinegar is already water-based, and the goal here is to eliminate water deposits and leave your glass surfaces sparkling like new

When reaching for vinegar for your cleaning needs, opt for the white vinegar found in the food aisle, typically nestled alongside balsamic varieties. This vinegar, derived from fermented grains, is your best bet for effective and natural cleaning.

Avoid the cleaning vinegar labeled with 'do not consume,' as it's often a mixture of 95% water with acetic acid, potentially derived from petroleum. Opting for food-grade white vinegar ensures a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your home.

An alternative to Vinegar

Citric acid, an equally effective yet cheaper alternative to vinegar!  Just mix 1 teaspoon of citric acid powder with 500ml of warm water to achieve the same acidic pH as vinegar. You can even prepare this directly in a spray bottle for added convenience! 

Resist the urge to combine citric acid with vinegar - it won't alter the pH and will only result in unnecessary waste.

Don't Mix these ingredients

Exercise caution and do not combine acidic solutions like vinegar or citric acid with soap or alkali ingredients. Mixing these opposing components can result in a white, milky substance that may stain certain surfaces. Remember, vinegar is an acid, and soap is a base—they neutralise each other upon contact.

For heavily soiled surfaces, we recommend first cleaning with a soap-based cleaner to tackle grime. Then, follow up with the vinegar or citric acid solution to banish streaks and achieve a brilliant shine.

Take care on porous surface

It's important to note that while vinegar and citric acid are versatile cleaning agents, they may not be suitable for all surfaces. Porous materials like stone and certain tiles can be susceptible to etching when exposed to the acidic solution. 

To ensure compatibility, we recommend conducting a small test patch in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with widespread use. 

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