Used for centuries as a general cleaner & laundry booster. A natural degreaser & whitener which is also great for making slime or crystals! The medium strength between the sodium cousins Washing Soda & Bicarb Soda.

  • A natural degreaser & whitener

  • Softens water 

  • Great for making slime & crystals


Here are a range of uses for the amazing ingredient, confirming how versatile it is. 

DISH WASHING: Replace synthetic detergents & add make your own dishwashing powder using Washing Soda, Coconut Soap Flakes & Borax. You can use this in the sink or in an automatic dishwasher. 

OVEN CLEANER: Make a paste with Bicarb, Borax, Coconut Soap Flakes & Essential Oils. Spread mix inside oven & on trays. Let sit until dry & then wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

LAUNDRY POWDER: Combine with Borax, Bicarb & Coconut Soap Flakes for a natural laundry powder. 

NATURAL BLEACH: Soak whites in a solution of Borax & hot water. The hotter the water & longer the soak, the better! 

STAIN REMOVER: Make a paste with Borax & Bicarb & apply to stain, soak overnight then wash as normal. 

TOILET CLEANER: Flush some washing soda down the toilet to clean, freshen & help prevent blockage. 

TILE & GROUT: Use with hot water to clean ceramic or vinyl tiles. Make a paste to clean grout. 

ANTIFUNGAL FOOT SOAK: Soak feet in a solution of Borax to relive symptoms of Athletes foot 

BUFFERING AGENT: For managing the pH levels in swimming pools 

FERTILIZER: to correct boron-deficient soils 

MECHANICS: stops car radiator and engine block leaks 

NEUTRON ABSORBER: used in nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools to control reactivity and to shut down a nuclear chain reaction (ok may not be used around the home, but very interesting to know!) 

MAKE CRAFTS: makes slime and crystals


Borax is an ancient & wonderful mineral that has been harvested for centuries. It does come with some unfounded controversy - which is perhaps due to confusion between Borax & Boric Acid which are not the same thing. Borax is white, soft colourless crystals

HANDLE WITH CARE: You can't avoid chemicals, your body & our Earth is made of them. Everything has a scale & at some point too much of something can make it dangerous - just like drinking too much water. So please take care with these ingredients, do keep them out of reach of young children who could potentially ingest them. Try work in a well-ventilated area - avoid breathing any raised dust & getting any of the powder in your eyes or on cuts/abrasions. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to work with gloves.Please read any labels/instructions that are provided with your ingredient.



Your goodies will be packaged plastic free Earth Bags. 

  • Made of brown recycled paper

  • Have a corn based 100% natural biofilm lining

  • Tin-tie for easy opening & resealing

  • Home Compostable & recyclable 

NOTE: If you order 3kg or more it will be made up of 1.5kg bags (ie. 3kg = 2 x 1.5kg bags)

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