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Percarbonate (Oxybleach)

Percarbonate (Oxybleach)

"Love this stuff for soaking materials. Will never buy Napisan again!"

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Percarbonate is the key ingredient in laundry stain and soak products like Vanish Napisan.

  • Effectively removes stubborn stains 
  • Brightens whites and revitalises dull colours, 
  • Natural disinfectant properties
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours, 
  • Versatile and multipurpose cleaning agent.
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What is it?

It's the pure, active ingredient found in popular stain removers like Napisan and an oxygen bleach and a much cleaner greener option than bleach.

Made from washing soda and hydrogen peroxide, this powerhouse ingredient is a hospital grade disinfectant and widely used in commercial cleaning products.

It's a white, crystalline powder and when it meets water, it releases oxygen and becomes a potent stain remover, disinfectant, and brightener.

Ingredient: Pure Sodium Percarbonate

Chemical formula: Na2CO3·1.5H2O2

pH level:
Approx. 10.5. (alkali/base

Key Benefits

Science backed stain remover
It releases oxygen when it meets water, this breaks down the chemical bonds in stains, making it an effective stain remover for a wide range of materials.

Brightens whites
Its oxygen-releasing action helps to break down organic compounds that cause fabric discolouration, leading to whiter and brighter textiles.

As it releases washing soda and hydrogen peroxide it creates an environment hostile to harmful microorganisms. While it may not match the potency of harsh chemicals, it provides a natural way to sanitise surfaces without the residue and fumes.

It's versatile
From DIY laundry wash to dishwasher power, it's a star performer in a multitude of cleaning recipes. 

Cost effective
It's a budget friendly alternative to commercial cleaning products as it can replace the need for multiple cleaners.

Empowers you to take control of the ingredients you use in your home. You can craft personalised, effective, and safe cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

Reduces chemical exposure
It allows you to minimise exposure to harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial cleaners. This is especially valuable if you prioritise a healthier living environment.

One of the standout features of sodium percarbonate is its eco-friendliness. When it breaks down, it decomposes into water, oxygen, and washing soda – leaving behind no harmful chemicals or residues. 

Usage Tips


  • Mix with washing soda for a simple dishwasher powder
  • Add a tablespoon with boiling water as drain and sink cleaner
  • Soak pots and pans
  • Dilute to make an all-purpose mild disinfecting cleaning spray
  • Degrease ovens, stove tops, and kitchen vents.


  • Make a stain remover paste, spray or simply soak
  • Soak to whiten whites and remove greying from fabrics
  • Add as a laundry powder booster


  • Supercharge a cleaning paste mix
  • Dilute to make an all-purpose mild disinfecting spray


  • Add to hot water for floor or window cleaning
  • Clean outdoor furniture, equipment, and BBQ

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Plastic free and works

Works wonders and LOVE that it comes in a paper bag! A stable in my laundry.

Nicole B.
Best product ever

Love using sodium percarbonate on everything that needs soaking. I use to use napisan but honestly it never really got the stains out. I use this all the time on my tea towels. Will def be purchasing this again

Gillian H.
Laundry Soaker

Sodium percarbonate is an excellent stain remover for laundry. Great it is environmentally friendly too.

Melanie M.

There are so many uses for sodium percarbonate. Essential for bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Karen G.

So glad I found this safe but super effective product for stain removal.