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Handmade Dishwasher Powder

Handmade Dishwasher Powder

Use this in our dishwasher and it works well. Love being able to wash without the harsh chemicals.

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Under Your Sink began with a quest to find a better solution to expensive, toxic, and wasteful dishwasher tablets. And you won’t believe how simple the solution was! We have found a cost-effective and efficient way to clean your dishes without harming you or the environment.

  • A 750ml apothecary jar holds 30 loads
  • Transform into tablets
  • Has multiple uses
  • Eco-friendly
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Composed of simple, safe, and easily understandable ingredients

Crystal Clear Percarbonate - stain remover, degreaser

Washing Soda - provide the right pH for cleaning, soften water, fights germs and lifts dirt

To use simply add 25g (1 tablespoon) to the detergent compartment in your dishwasher and wash like normal.

Key Benefits

Suitable for both sink handwashing and dishwashers. Beyond dishes, it can be used for various cleaning tasks around the home.

Cost Effective
With the cost-of-living crisis, paying excessive amounts for little plastic, chemical laden tablets make no sense. Especially when you have a budget-friendly option that delivers exceptional cleaning results like

Easily transform it into tablets for added convenience using water and an ice cube tray.

Like all our products here at Under Your Sink this ticks all the boxes for sustainability and eco-friendliness. From ethical sourcing, plastic free packaging the biodegradability of the product itself.

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One product. Endless Solutions.


What cycle should I use?

For best results use a hot cycle where the water temperature is at least 40 degrees.

How do make them into tablets?

Simply add approx. 250g (1 cup) to a bowl. Add essential oils if you like and then slowly add water just 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture can hold. Then simply scoop into a standard size ice cube tray and let set. 250g will make 10-12 tablets.

Can I add essential oils?

You can!, actually we recommend this when making the tablets. But for the powder we would save you the hassle and just say add it to your DIY rinse aid solution instead

Is it safe for all items?

Just like any dishwasher detergent it would recommend not using on aluminium and to ensure your items are dishwasher safe. Same with ours!

How else can I use this mix?

Our Dish Powder is multi-purpose and can be used for various cleaning tasks around the home, providing effective results. Simply dilute to make pastes or sprays as required.

Is this septic safe?

It sure is! However be wary for greywater as these are alkali ingredients and we can't say with certainty that it wont harm your plants or greenery.

Customer Reviews

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Amy L.
sparkly dishes

sparkly dishes

Kylie M.
Use this in our dishwasher

Use this in our dishwasher and it works well. Love being able to wash without the harsh chemicals.

Megan W.
Does the job!

Happy with this pre-mixed dish powder. Completely plastic free and minimal processing product was the goal. Works well in the dishwasher. Highly recommend.

Nick L.
great product

great product

Janelle R.
Dishwashing powder

I haven't used the dishwashing powder yet but the packaging and little wooden scoop were great. The personal message was a lovely touch. I will follow up once I have used the powder