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Laundry Butter Mix

Laundry Butter Mix

"Works a treat, excellent consistency easy to apply, great product"

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Beware - this stuff will blow your mind! Add water to make a natural multipurpose cleaning paste like gumption or jiffy. Use all around the home from the showers, sinks, ovens to even washing clothes and dishes. Try it once and you will never go back!

  • Transform the Laundry Butter mix into a potent cleaning paste suitable for various surfaces, providing a versatile solution for your cleaning needs.
  • A little goes a long way, with just 300 grams of the Laundry Butter mix, you can create over 1 litre of powerful cleaning paste, offering exceptional value for your investment.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an extended shelf life, allowing you to store the mix for a prolonged period without compromising its effectiveness.
  • Customise your cleaning power by supercharging the paste with essential oils for added fragrance and percarbonate for an extra bleach effect. (see FAQ below)
  • Effortlessly create the cleaning paste by adding boiling water to the mix and blitzing it to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

Your packaging options

Made of brown recycled paper and a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm these bags are not only a renewable resource but are also compostable, so you can dispose of them guilt-free. We recommend commercial composting, and please ensure you remove any tin ties and labels first. Depending on the environmental conditions, the Earth Bags can take approximately six months to decompose.

A simple clear glass jar, but its a top food-grade quality, heat proof jar available in 1 litre size.

Ingredients List

This Laundry Butter Mix contains the following ingredients which are available in the DIY Ingredients collection.

• Washing Soda
• Borax
• Coconut Soap Flakes

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Usage Tips


• Apply the cleaning paste on kitchen countertops, cutting boards, and surfaces. Wipe with a damp cloth for a sparkling finish.
• Use the paste to clean stovetops, ovens, and the exterior of kitchen appliances. The abrasive and alkali nature of the paste helps tackle stubborn grease and grime.
• Has been used for washing dishes by hand and in the dishwasher
• Soak heavily soiled pots and pans


• Use as a pre-treatment for stains by applying a small amount of the cleaning paste directly to stains on fabric before washing. Let it sit for a short period, then launder as usual for enhanced stain removal.
• Use in your washing machine to wash clothes.


• Use the paste on bathroom tiles and grout lines. The abrasive texture assists in removing soap scum and mildew.
• Apply the paste to bathroom sinks and vanities to remove toothpaste stains, soap residue, and watermarks.

General Household

• For an extra boost of fragrance, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the cleaning paste before application.
• Experiment with the addition of percarbonate for areas where a bleach effect is desired, such as bathroom surfaces or tile grout.

  • Cost effective

    Replace expensive, single use products with multi-purpose solutions.

  • Sustainable

    Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free reflects in every product we offer.

  • Convenient

    Simple solutions and a one stop shop for all natural cleaning supplies.


How do I make the mix?

Don’t worry, your product will come with directions inside the pack. However, it is simply a matter of diluting in boiling water, letting set and then whizzing up until it looks like buttercream. You can do this on a stove top or inside a large bowl.

How long does the Laundry Butter cleaning paste last once prepared?

The prepared paste has a long shelf life. When stored in a sealed container, it remains effective for an extended period, even over a year. If it dries up, simply add some extra boiling water and re-mix.

When should I add essential oils to the cleaning paste?

We recommend that you don’t add the essential oils when making the paste as it can lose its effectiveness over time, however it does not hurt. We suggest adding the essential oils just before you are using the paste or into small portions you know you will use quickly.

Is the cleaning paste safe for use on all surfaces?

The cleaning paste is versatile and can be used on various surfaces, but we recommend testing a small, inconspicuous area first, especially on delicate or porous surfaces.

How do I supercharge the cleaning paste with percarbonate?

Follow these instructions carefully,

1. In a bowl simply place the requirement amount of laundry butter paste.

2. Then add a small amount of percarbonate (eyeball it based on your paste amount)

3. Add boiling water just a tablespoon at a time. The boiling water will activate the percarbonate and it will start to bubble up, so ensure your bowl is big enough as it can rise like bread but faster!

4. Apply it where you need to clean, scrub and rinse away

* Important: Do not store any left-over paste that has been activated with percarbonate. It is an active oxybleach and can be unstable when stored once it has been wet.

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Customer Reviews

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Jess W.

The cleaning butter is fantastic.. I made it last night and whizzed this morning.. works lovely..

Dropped one star as postage is quite expensive.

cleaning paste mix

Works a treat ,excellent consistency easy to apply ,great product

Love helping the environment

I have been very conscious of my footprint in earth. I love to be able to get this cleaning products that are natural not expensive and free of plasti containers