Multi Purpose Cleaning Paste (Laundry Butter)

This is an old but wonderful recipe known as Laundry Butter, because once you whip it up it looks like a lush buttercream, but please don't eat it.

Instead use it to clean ovens, wash dishes, wash clothes, clean grout, tiles, toilet, showers, baths, sinks, floors & even your BBQ.


- 1 cup Washing Soda

- 1 cup Borax

- 1 cup  Soap Flakes

 - 6 cups boiling water

- Essential Oils *see important stuff to know below


- Measuring cups

- Large Saucepan/heatproof container with lid

- Wooden Spoon

- Stick Blender


Approx. 2 - 2.5 litres 


1. Add all the dry ingredients into your heat proof container or saucepan.

2. Add the boiling water & stir until mixture is dissolved as best you can. There may be a few undissolved pieces & the mixture will be thick, this is normal.

3. Cover the mixture at let sit for approx. 4-5 hours (it may be quicker/slower in certain climates). It is set when it is a thick gel like substance & no liquid will pour out when turned upside down.

4. Once set you can add the essential oils upfront (or leave out and add as you go). 

5. Use a stick blender to whiz the gel until it forms a buttercream texture then store in an airtight container and use as required.

If you would like to give this a go, you can grab all the ingredients here.


What are some of the uses for Laundry Butter?

You can use it in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom & outdoors. Check out this article on the Uses for Laundry Butter Cleaning Paste


How long will this mixture last?

There are no hard & fast answers to this, but I have had some for over a year as a test & its still fine. 

Am I better off adding oils upfront or as I go?

If you go through the Laundry Butter rather quickly (say within a month or two) & you are happy with the one fragrance, then you can add it upfront. If its likely to sit for a long while you are better of preserving the benefits of the oil until the time you need them. Either way you can't really go wrong.

Is this safe on all surfaces?

Because of the washing soda you should avoid aluminium. You should also test first when using on porous surfaces or wood.

Is this safe for septic tanks?

The ingredients are mild, safe & biodegradable which should not affect the bacteria in septic tanks like harsh chemicals can.

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Under Your Sink

“This hippy magic” is the best comment I have ever seen :-) gosh you had me laughing too!

This recipe is an old but great one, I think I may need to put ’cleans greasy AF mechanics" on the list of things it can do.

Thank you for taking care of the land and your family

Under Your Sink


Jess W

So my husband.. the skeptic..

To him I’m his hippy wife who just spent $500 on salt 😂 (all in good fun, he’s a great man)

Anyway, he’s a greasy AF mechanic/farmer and washes his hands with that solvol crap, which was ALL OVER the sink that I had just cleaned so I’ve left it there for 3 days waiting for him to notice it.. he just asked me if I had any gumption because he couldn’t get it off, so I handed him the cleaning butter, and a scrubby.. He washed the sink and all I could hear from the kitchen was ‘what’s in this? This shits fuckin awesome!’

We’ve had to shower in bore water lately which has left scale like you wouldn’t believe all over the taps, and again I hear ‘what is this hippy magic!’ ‘I barely scrubbed it and it’s all off’, so now I have a sparkly bathroom, and he wants to attack the wall behind where the old fuel stove used to be…

Winner winner chicken dinner!

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