Window & Glass Cleaner Solutions

Window & Glass Cleaner Solutions

This easy-to-make window and bath spray only requires a few simple ingredients and works wonders.



One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean and shine glass and windows. Just fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar spray and spray it onto your mirrors, windows, or any other glass surface you want to clean, and wipe away with a cloth.

You do not need to dilute the vinegar, firstly it is already water based plus the aim is to remove water deposits, so adding more does not help.  

What type of vinegar to use

Use the white vinegar found in the food isle (next to the balsamic) this is made from fermented grains. The cleaning vinegar that has 'do not consume' on it, is a mix of 95% water with acedic acid which may be petroleum derived.



Another great option for an acidic solution is to mix citric acid with water. Add approx. 1 teaspoon to 500ml of water and use it to clean just like vinegar. 


Take care on porous surface

Unfortunately, vinegar can etch porous surfaces like stone & some tiles so it’s not 100% safe for all surfaces. You should do a small test patch first. 


Do not mix with an Soap

Do not be tempted to add any soap or alkali ingredients to an acid mixture like vinegar or citric acid, the mixture will turn to a white milk like substance which can stain some surfaces. This is because vinegar is an acid & soap is a base - they will neutralise each other.

If your surface is very dirty, we recommend cleaning with a soap based multipurpose spray first and then use the vinegar/citric acid solution to remove and streaks and leave a great shine.


Can I infuse vinegar with citrus rinds?

Absolutely, if you like too. It may not actually add much to cleaning power but it may enhance the small. Make sure you drain well before adding to a spray bottle. You don't want anything to clog your trigger.



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