Bleach Free Laundry Soak and Stain Remover

Bleach Free Laundry Soak and Stain Remover

Taking care of your clothes doesn't have to involve harsh chemicals or expensive products. Next time you see a stain, don't reach for Napisan instead use its key ingredient that does all the work.

And that one ingredient is Sodium Percarbonate! A powerful and versatile cleaning agent that can be used for a variety of laundry purposes, including stain removal and soaking. When activated with heat, it releases a powerful oxygen boost that tackles stains and brightens clothes.

It's a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine bleach, making it a popular choice among those looking to reduce their environmental impact.


Activating Percarbonate with Heat

To unleash the full potential of Percarbonate, hot water is key, It is recommended to use water temperatures above 40°CT. The heat helps to not only dissolve the Percarbonate but activate its bleaching power by releasing oxygen bubbles that penetrate deep into the fabric fibres, breaking down and lifting away even the most stubborn stains. 


How to use it

Add 1-2 tablespoons to a bucket/sink of hot water, ensuring it dissolves completely. Immerse your garments in this bubbly mixture and let the magic happen over several hours or even overnight. This method is not only effective at banishing stubborn stains but also revives the brightness of your whites.


Why we love it

Not only does it remove stains, whiten whites and brighten dull coloured fabrics. It is also biodegradable, Eco-friendly and septic safe. Its a beautiful alternative to smelly toxic chlorine bleach.


Tried this recipe?

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