The Beauty & Beast Of Bleach

The Beauty & Beast Of Bleach

Let's compare the two main forms of 'bleach' & you decide which one you would prefer.


1. Chlorine Based

Usually, liquid based with strong unpleasant smell. Made from Sodium Hypochlorite diluted with water to around 5% (this means its approx. 95% water!)

  • It will remove stains, clean & disinfect. 
  • Less expensive to make
  • Harsh on fabrics & clothing
  • Can bleach colours
  • Harsh smells & harsh on respiratory systems
  • Loses effectiveness over time
  • Toxic to aquatic life
  • Harmful to bacteria in septic tank


2. Oxybleach

The liquid version is simply Hydrogen Peroxide, a classified medical grade disinfectant. But you will most commonly find this in a powder version where the hydrogen peroxide has been mixed with a sodium like Washing Soda.

  • It will remove stains, clean & disinfect. 
  • More expensive to produce
  • Safe on majority of fabrics & clothing
  • Is colour safe 
  • No fragrance, harsh smells, or fumes
  • More stable & longer lasting
  • Not toxic to aquatic life
  • Safe for bacteria in septic tanks




You need to ditch any chlorine bleach, which is typically liquid, smelly & very harsh. Algae blooms, health issues & ruined clothes are just a few of the consequences of its use & there is a better way!

Replace it with one natural ingredient called Sodium Percarbonate which is

  • Safe for aquatic systems
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe to use.

And is one super powerful, versatile & effective green cleaning ingredient.


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