Stocks levels are low at the moment however more ingredients are continuously being delivered. We will be focusing on ready made products & ingredients that can help you clean, clean clean! You can still purchase 'out of stock' items in which your order will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience & understanding

Stainless Steel Soap Saver (Round 2)


1 x Stainless Steel Soap Saver Cage


A brilliant plastic free & toxic free alternative for washing dishes - something your Grandma may have used back in the day! A soap cage (also know as a soap shaker or swisher) opens so you can place a piece (or pieces) of bar soap inside, then you swish about in your sink to create suds & soapy water to wash your dishes safely & effectively. 

How does Pre-Order work?

-  We need to reach a minimum order quantity of 50 as a group

-  There is a maximum of 50 soap cages available for pre-order

-  We need to spread the word, the quicker we sell out the quicker we order

Round 1 offer sold out within only a few days - but as there is no guarantee, we have to put a deadline on this just in case.If we don't meet the 50 order target by midnight, Monday 23rd March 2020 any orders that have been placed will be refunded in full.

How long will it take?

-  We have until 23rd March to accomplish this mission, however as soon as the target is reached the order will be placed.

-  Once the order is placed it can take up to 20 days for production and a further 7-10 days for shipping.

-   Within 24 hours of us receiving the order, all the awesome soap cages will be packed & shipped to you

How will I know what's happening?

You can track the progress via this page - however if you do place an order we will give you a weekly update via email so you are kept up to date

Why buy with us?

Bringing back the Soap Saver cage was a dream for Under Your Sink & last year we started a revolution to bring them back. They were a bit hard to source & being a small business minimum order quantities can be hard to reach. 

So, with the pre-order system we were able to put close to 100 soap cages in sinks across Australia at a really great price too!Since then more places have the soap cages on offer which is great - but you won't find them anywhere at this price! Plus you are supporting a small Aussie business with a big dream :-)



Want to pay postage later & combine with another order?

You can secure your soap cage right now for $30 & pay for postage later. This gives you the option to add more items & combine delivery when it's closer to the time. Simply Select "SOAP CAGE - combine/pay postage later" when it comes to selecting the postage option.   When the times comes you can place your order & add a note at checkout about adding your soap cage or we will email you the quotes in due course.


Round 1 offer sold out within only a few days, but there is no guarantee with this round. So its really important to help spread the word with friends, families & in social media groups.