100% Pure Handmade Liquid Soap


Castile Soap, a true pure liquid soap that is versatile, mild & safe. You can use this anywhere there is a need to clean!

  • Plant based & vegan friendly

  • Safe & mild on all surfaces

  • Handmade in Melbourne

Uses & Benefits

It’s a matter of simply diluting your Organic Liquid Soap with Distilled or Boiled Water and you can enjoy a range of products like: 

-Dishwashing Liquid 

- Surface Spray 

- Hand wash 

- Body Wash 

- Laundry Liquid  

- Mopping Floors 

- Fruit & Vegie Rinse 

 Its best to experiment and play around with dilutions and thickness until you find what works best for you

What is it?

A true soap is made using only plant or animal fats, water & lye. This soap is just that - made from vegetable oils & comes in liquid form for various uses.


What is it made from?

It is handmade from Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Water & lye (sodium hydroxide). 

What is Lye?

Lye is basically a very strong alkaline it’s extremely caustic and care needs to be taken when handling. You can make your own version using ashes.It comes in two forms sodium hydroxide used for hard soap like our Organic Coconut Soap or potassium hydroxide used for liquid soaps like our Castile Soap.There is no substitute for lye, nothing else will make oil become soap. All the lye is converted in the saponification process and there should not be residual left over in a good quality soap.

It's pretty runny how can I thicken it?

By nature it can be rather runny since it's a paste is diluted with distilled water.  In most commercial cases it is thickened before sale, however I give you that option. If you are using it in a foaming hand pump the thickness/viscosity does not matter.  However, there are instances you may want to thicken it or any other liquid - thenCheck out my blog on How to Thicken your Liquid Creations for some methods.

Is this safe for septic tanks? 

The ingredients are mild, safe & biodegradable which should not affect the bacteria in septic tanks like harsh chemicals can.

How is this packaged?

All sizes in our liquid Castile Soap will be packaged in stunning amber glass bottles. No single use plastic :-)


Originating from Spain, it is a luxurious soap used for centuries.

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