NED Sanitiser comes in a 750mL glass bottle & is made in Melbourne at the same distillery that makes NED Australian whisky. 

  • Genuine high quality sanitiser

  • 65% alcohol by volume
  • The product is an ethanol-based liquid bottled at 65% (it is not a gel)




This is a ethanol based liquid distilled by Ned Whisky in Melbourne in response to Covid19. You can request a SDS https://nedwhisky.com.au/contact/


Can thicken this with xanthan gum?

Honestly, it does not thicken well/ You need to add more water to it for the xanthan gum to work, which will bring it under 65% alcohol & is not what you want to kill germs.

How do how do I use it?

Add it to a spray bottle of any size, add some essential oils if you like. Simply spray on surfaces you want to disinfect & also on your hands as hand sanitiser. 

This link to department of health with explain how to use hand santiser effectively - How to clean hands using an alcohol based liquid or hand rub

How is this packaged?

750ml Amber glass bottle

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