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Beware - this stuff will blow your mind! Add water to make an awesome natural cleaning paste which you can use all around the home from the kitchen, bathroom to the laundry! It also includes some extra's so you can add some extra power when needed.

... what you get ...

1)  300g cleaning paste mix in 1L clear glass jar

2)  250g Crystal Clear Percarbonate (natural oxybleach) for 'supercharging' your paste

3) 5ml Citrus Blend Essential Oil

4) Instructions on how to make & use

... what it makes ...

This will make at least 1 Litre of awesome natural cleaning paste! There us enough Crystal Clear Percarbonate to supercharge at least 10 cleans!

... why it's great ...

  • Helps you replace toxic cleaners in your home with greener alternatives

  • You know exactly what ingredients go into your products

  • It will reduce waste in your home & landfill 

  • It will save money & time

  • It has many uses & will replace multiple products