Just one ingredient... it’s a jar of gold! Close enough, it is your natural 100% pure Oxybleach.

  • Powerful stain & grease remover

  • Brightens colours & whitens whites

  • Natural alternative to chlorine bleach

  • No added fillers or fragrance

  • Eco-friendly & septic safe

  • Plastic free packaging



  • Sodium Percarbonate (Crystal Clear)


What is Sodium Percarbonate?

It is a white crystal like powder, made from Washing Soda  and Hydrogen Peroxide. Washing Soda is a natural ingredient we stock here and when it is teamed with a hospital grade disinfectant like Hydrogen Peroxide, it is an Oxybleach and powerful ingredient used in many cleaners. You can learn more about Sodium Percarbonate here

How do I use it?

Simply dilute a tablespoon to approx. 5L of hot water and soak laundry or other household items too.

Can I use this on delicate fabrics like wool & silk?

No, it's not recommended to use on delicate fabrics like this, instead try this solution - delicate & wool wash

How is this packaged?

You can choose from a stunning amber glass Apothecary Jar or in a eco-friendly paper Earth Bag. The sexy amber glass Apothecary Jar, which has a wide mouth so it’s easy to fill. It holds 750ml which is a perfect size, not to big not to small and the lid actually holds about a tablespoon so it’s like an inbuilt measuring cup.The Kraft paper Earth bags. come with a tin tie so they are easy to reseal. Once done, remove the tin tie and it can be home composted. Inside is a corn based bio film, which looks a bit like plastic but it's not. This will just help keep the ingredients fresher.

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