Eco-friendly, natural Laundry Powder handmade for you.

Eco-friendly, natural Laundry Powder handmade for you.


  •   - Washing Soda
  •   - Borax
  •   - Bicard Soda
  •   - Organic Coconut Soap Flakes
  •   - Crystal ClearPercarbonate

How much to use

Follow your washing machine instructions & add to the detergent section. Alternatively, you can add directly to the water as the machine is filling up.It's important to use a warm or hot wash - sorry this is not as effective in cold water.

  •   - Use 1 tablespoon (10-15g) for a small load
  •   - 2 tablespoons (20-30g) for a large load.

Other Notes

As this is low in suds it is suitable for both top & front loaders

Want to make this yourself

Simply visit the recipe hub & check out the Laundry Powder recipe.

How this is packaged

In keeping with our full green approach, powder ingredients are packaged in Earth Bags that have been specifically designed with the environment in mind. They are made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable.

They come with an easy re-sealable tin tie which needs to be removed before composting.

NOTE: Although the Earth bags are tough & airtight, due to the sealing at the bottom you mind find a few ‘stray’ powders loose in your delivery. We always add more than to the bag to cover any reductions so you will not miss out.

Be careful

You can't avoid chemicals, your body & our Earth is made of them. Everything has a scale & at some point too much of something can make it dangerous - just like drinking too much water. So please take care with these ingredients, do keep them out of reach of young children who could potentially ingest them. Try work in a well ventilated area. Avoid breathing any raised dust & getting any of the powder in your eyes or on cuts/abrasions.



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