Just add boiling water


This is the mix to make the famous 'Laundry Butter' Cleaning Paste

  • You just need to add boiling water & blend

  • Use it the kitchen, laundry & bathroom


  • Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate)
  • Organic Coconut Soap Flakes
  • Borax (Sodium Borate)


What are some of the uses for Laundry Butter? 
 You can use it in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom & outdoors. Check out this article on the Uses for Laundry Butter Cleaning Paste 

How do I make it into the paste using the mix? 
 We will send instructions with the mix, but essentially follow the directions on the Laundry Butter Cleaning Paste Recipe. Its just a matter of adding boiling water, letting set & then whizzing with a stick blender 

How long will this mixture last? 
There are not hard & fast answers to this, but I have had some for over a year as a test & its still fine. 

Am I better of putting essential oils in upfront or as I go? 
If you go through the Laundry Butter rather quickly (say within a month or two) & you are happy with the one fragrance, then you can add it upfront. If its likely to sit for a long while you are better of preserving the benefits of the oil until the time you need them. Either way you can't really go wrong. 

Is this safe for septic tanks? 
The ingredients are mild, safe & biodegradable which should not affect the bacteria in septic tanks like harsh chemicals can. 

 Is this safe on all surfaces? 
 Because of the washing soda you should avoid aluminium. You should also test first when using on porous surfaces or wood.

so many uses

You can make this paste work in so many ways from Laundry Wash to Dish Wash.

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