Never mix Bicarb & Vinegar to make a natural cleaner! This is just one of the myths I will bust about green cleaning & teach you the right way to make natural cleaning products. 

I will go through the kitchen, bathroom, laundry & home demonstrating how to duplicate  commercial products with more natural eco-friendly solutions. 

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Price is per person

when is it?

Sunday 9th February, 2020

10:30am to 12:00pm (1.5 hours)


South Melbourne Community Centre 

1 Ferrars Pl, South Melbourne 

 * Corner Park Street, and Ferrars Place 

 Entry from Ferrars Place 

what you will learn

- What ingredients make a perfect toolkit & why 

- How to make dishwasher tablets, dish liquid & wash your dishes with DIY solutions 

- How to make cleaning sprays, pastes & other bathroom cleaners 

- How to make laundry powder, stain remover & other laundry solutions 

- A bit of chemistry behind cleaning 

- How to get set up & where to go for more resources 

- That DIY green cleaning is easy when you know the right way!

what you will take home

- A workbook containing recipes & info which you can take notes on & use in the future 

- A small sample pack containing some handmade goodies

- A 20% off discount voucher to use at Under Your Sink

about the host

Hi, I'm Analisa the owner & creator of Under Your Sink & I will personally be hosting these Green Cleaning Workshops around Victoria.  Anyone that knows me will verify I am mad for 'this stuff' & can get very passionate about it. It has been over 3 years since I have purchased a commercial cleaning product of any kind - I will be sharing with you years of research & experience. 

I plan to make every session interactive, fun & valuable - I want you to walk away pumped & ready to be part of the  green cleaning revolution! 

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