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This is a very simple, toxic & plastic free replacement for dishwashing detergent. 

  • Can also be used as hand wash

  • Mild, gentle & safe 

  • Truly green & biodegradable
  • Choose your natural scent
  • Handmade local in Melbourne


  • Organic Liquid Castile Soap *
  • Table Salt 
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils

* Organic Liquid Castile Soap is made from Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Distilled water & Lye (Potassium Hydroxide)


What is liquid Castile Soap? 

This is a pure soap that is made from olive oil, water & lye (caustic soda). Depending on the type of lye you can make liquid or hard soap. 

Is there lots of suds?

No, sorry - as there are not artificial foaming agents this Dish Liquid is relatively low in suds. This does not mean it's not working! There are also some techniques to getting the best lather.

Can I add Dish Powder to the sink for more lather?

Yes you sure can or you can even add some Coconut Soap Flakes.

How do I get best lather?

1) Use hot water, soap loves hot water & always gives better results. 2) Lather up a wet sponge as opposed to loading up the sink with too much dish liquid for bubbles.

Can I use as hand wash? 

Absolutely! You can also experiment by adding other skin cleansing ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter & Glycerine. 

Can I dilute this down further?

Yes you sure can! What I have provided here is Liquid Castile Soap undiluted. It has been thickened with a saline solution. Follow the Dish Liquid Recipe for thickening options once you have diluted it. 

Is this safe for septic tanks? 

The ingredients are mild, safe & biodegradable which should not affect the bacteria in septic tanks like harsh chemicals can.

How is this packaged?

Your Dish Liquid will come packaged in a re-usable amber glass bottle - you can select an option to have a stainless steel lotion pump for the bottle.


They are not the same thing, soap is better!

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