A collection of green cleaning ingredients to mix and make your own cleaning products


inside the kit

A pure 100% Oxybleach, the active ingredient found in laundry soakers like Napisan and one of the most versatile and powerful of the ingredients. A natural alternative to nasty chlorine bleach.

A versatile alkali found in most commercial cleaning products. It works as a solvent, raising the pH of water which assists in breaking up grease and grime. Naturally harvested in the USA (not synthetic)

Used as a laundry booster for centuries and can even be used in DIY crafting. Moderate whitening and disinfecting power as well as enhances the action of soap by softening water. Naturally harvested in Turkey (not synthetic)

  • 750g Bicarb (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Having been around since ancient times it has an array of uses from balancing pH, cleaning, cooking to making your own deodorant. Naturally harvested in the USA (not synthetic)

 An excellent alternative to vinegar, can neautralise and remove soap scum in the bathroom and naturally removes water deposits left on glass. Pharmaceudical Grade. 

100% pure hard soap that has been ground/grated so it is easy to dissolve and use in handmade cleaning solutions. Handmade in Sri Lanka with 3 ingredients, one being water!

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How much does the 750ml Apothcary Jar hold in grams?

All the powder ingredients have slightly different weights and consistencies - for example the coconut soap is very light and with larger particles. This means approx 400g is required to fill the jar.  Bicarb, Washing Soda etc are finer yet more dense, so approx 750g will fill the jar.  There is a breakdown of the weights in the book that comes with this kit and don't worry, its all factored into the recipes. 

Why do I need all of these ingredients?

Together they solve all the cleaning needs you could come across in your home. They can be used individually or mixed for a whole ranges of uses like in the garden or for making crafts. Whilst some you will use more than others, they make a perfect toolkit.

When you look at the fact that 30+ ingredients go into making one tiny commercial dishwasher tablet, the amount of ingredients in this kit is but a crumb in the breadbox of chemicals. 

Each ingredient serves a purpose and has a cleaning function which you can explore in this article: The science behind the Green Cleaning Ingredients