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This kit also has everything just not so much of it. Recommended for larger households or those that want to set up all the glassware, all the DIY ingredients and some ready made products.

  • A complete matching amber glassware set to display & use throughout your home

  • Enjoy handmade without the work, with ample ready made products to fill & refill your glassware

  • You still get to be creative with some very simple, just add water based products like hand wash.



Laundry Wash in Apothecary Jar

Laundry Wash Jar

750g of laundry powder with inbuilt stain remover. Free from dangerous fragrances and chemicals. Suitable for all machine types and is septic safe. Packaged in a stunning amber glass Apothecary Jar with a wide mouth for easy refilling. You can use the inside of the jar lid to measure out approx. 1 teaspoon, which is all you need for a small load. 

Laundry Rinse in Apothecary Jar

Laundry Rinse Jar

Using vinegar as a rinse aid is a well known and common practice, but there is an even better and cheaper alternative - citric acid. Packaged in a matching amber glass Apothecary Jar, this will yield over 70 small loads. Although fragrance free, you can add some great natural smells using essential oils. 

Laundry Soak in Apothecary Jar

Laundry Soak Jar

750ml of pure 100% Oxybleach, a powerhouse at removing stains, whitening whites and brightening colours. As it contains the one pure active ingredient with no fillers, you only require small amounts. Packaged in a 750ml Apothecary Jar to match your Laundry Wash & Rinse, this jar will yield over 30 five litre soaks.


Dish Powder in Apothecary Jar

Dish Powder Jar

A versatile mix which will do over 35 loads in the dishwasher and can be made into dishwasher tablets.It will provide countless washes in the sink and an amazing degreaser for pots and pans. 

Dish Liquid bottle

Dish Liquid Bottle*

500ml amber glass bottle with a quality black stainless steel pump and waterproof Dish Liquid Label. We won't sell products that are mostly water, so you can fill this easily yourself using the ingredients & instructions provided in this kit. 

Multipurpose spray

2 x Multi Purpose Spray Bottles*

500ml amberglass bottle with a Canyon chemical resistant trigger and waterproof label. Only requires 50ml Castile Soap, water & essential oils to make a safe. versatile spray safe for all surfaces. 


Hand Wash FOAMING Stainless Pump - NEW**

Hand Wash Foaming Pump Bottle

This absolute beauty will provide foamy soap with only 50ml of Castile Soap (provided in your kit) and water. Although fragrance free, you can add some great natural smells using essential oils. 

Bath & Glass spray

Bath & Glass Spray Bottle

500ml amber glass bottle with a Canyon chemical resistant trigger and waterproof  label. Fill with either vinegar or a tablespoon of citric acid (included) to 500ml water for the same acidic solution.

Sanitiser spray

Sanitise Spray Bottle

500ml amber glass bottle with a Canyon chemical resistant trigger and waterproof label. Fill with a tablespoon percarbonate (included) to 500ml water or you can purchase ned sanitiser here

Cleaning Paste

Cleaning Paste Mix  in Jar

This is the mix to make the famous 'Laundry Butter' Cleaning Paste, which is a multipurpose cleaner. You just need to add boiling water & blend . 300g mix makes 1 litre + of paste  and will replace products like Jiffy and Gumption



An information packed book written by Analisa the creator of Under Your Sink.

It includes details on all the ingredients, ways to use them and over 20 recipes for DIY cleaning products. Years of knowledge, experience and experiments went into creating this, so you can learn the right way.  

You will receive both a hard copy and digital copy. A link to download your copy will be sent when your order is fulfilled. 

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Receive a discount on all your ingredient refills anytime you order, for the rest of your life!

* This discount cannot be used with other codes. 


That green cleaning is a way of life in every home worldwide! Yes it's a big goal but why not shoot for the stars, after all this is a matter of saving the planet we live on! 

Our mission is to transform one sink at a time, teaching the right way. It's time to clean up the cleaning industry!

While we are only small now, there is no shame in admitting we want to be a big business making millions. With the values we have & the legacy we want to leave - we would direct that money for the good of mankind & not greedy ventures. 

Analisa Malone
Founder of Under Your Sink



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Why do I get empty bottles?

Firstly, any liquid cleaning product is made mostly of water. When water is added to a product for retail purposed, preservatives then need to be added too. For any liquid based cleaning products, we provide the glassware and ingredients, so that you can add your own water. This not only saves unnecessary chemicals coming into your home, it also reduced the weight of the item, costing less to transport.

In other cases, the kit may be designed to offer glassware so you can fill with ready made products  or to allow you to fill yourself with the DIY ingredients.

How can I get more detail on individual products in the kit?

Easy, simple click on the picture of the item you want more details on. You will be directed to that products page which contains more in depth information, links and option to buy individually. 

What cleaning products can I make?

In reality you can replace every single product you would normally buy at the shops. There is a green cleaning alternative for everything. Check out some DIY recipes at the bottom of this page or visit the RECIPE HUB to see all the things you can make. Often its just a single ingredient or a simple mix of powders - nothing you need a science lab for.

However, there is a lot of chemistry and science behind this - you can read some informative BLOGS  that will help you learn the functions of cleaning. 

How can I learn more about each ingredient and how to use them?

There are a number of routes to access information about each ingredient.

- Each kit will come with a hard or digital copy of the Cleaning Up Our Cleaners book, this is filled with information and has everything you need to know for an amazing DIY journey

- By clicking on the picture of the ingredient you will be directed the the webpage for that product. That itself goes into a bit more detail and offers links to blogs that dive even deeper.

- Visit the BLOG section, and use the search or filter function to find the ingredient you are after

- You can enjoy a great summary here with the SCIENCE BEHIND THE TOOLKIT 

Remember, you can always reach out if you have any questions.


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