Never buy a commercial cleaning product again, use the solutions in this kit to solve all cleaning tasks sustainably and safely.

  • Reduce waste dramatically by refilling the stunning amber glass storage jars, pump and spray bottles.

  • Save money and enjoy a huge bundle discount as well as the long term savings that come with DIY 

  • Everything you need delivered to your door in one go!

  • Lifetime discount - 10% off any future ingredient refills


sexy storage

A practical and stunning 10 piece amber glassware set for your laundry, kitchen & bathroom.  

natural ingredients

11 natural ingredients, use them individually or mix to make all your cleaners. 

the recipes

A green cleaning guide and recipe book written by Analisa the founder of Under Your Sink

inside the kit

This kit contains over 20 pieces that will set up your home and transform the way you clean. You no longer need to buy nasty commercial cleaners and can truly cleanse your home with good energy! Click on each tab to learn more.


A pure 100% Oxybleach, the active ingredient found in laundry soakers like Napisan and one of the most versatile and powerful of the ingredients. A natural alternative to nasty chlorine bleach.

A versatile alkali found in most commercial cleaning products. It works as a solvent, raising the pH of water which assists in breaking up grease and grime. Naturally harvested in the USA (not synthetic)

Used as a laundry booster for centuries and can even be used in DIY crafting. Moderate whitening and disinfecting power as well as enhances the action of soap by softening water. Naturally harvested in Turkey (not synthetic)

  • 750g Bicarb (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Having been around since ancient times it has an array of uses from balancing pH, cleaning, cooking to making your own deodorant. Naturally harvested in the USA (not synthetic)

 An excellent alternative to vinegar, can neautralise and remove soap scum in the bathroom and naturally removes water deposits left on glass. Pharmaceudical Grade. 

100% pure hard soap that has been ground/grated so it is easy to dissolve and use in handmade cleaning solutions. Handmade in Sri Lanka with 3 ingredients, one being water!

A natural thickening agent and stabilizer which prevent ingredients from separating. 

Handmade here in Melbourne, this is a 100% pure liquid soap that is mild, gentle & luxurious.  Perfect for your liquid cleanin products and comes packaged in an amber glass bottle. 

It helps blend essential oils and xanthan gum in your liquid based cleaners. It has  natural moisturising qualities and will come packaged in a  glass bottle.

To help set and bind your dishwasher tablets

  • 50ml Citrus Blend Essential Oil

A beautiful fresh blend of pure essential oils of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Lime and grapefruit. Packaged in an amber glass bottle with a glass dropper for easy measuring.

In keeping with our full green approach, the powders will come packaged in home compostable earth bags that have a tin tie for easy resealing. The liquids will come in reusable amber glass bottles.

The amber glass Apothecary Jars a great 750ml size and have a wide mouth for easy filling. You can use the lid to measure out approx, 1 tablespoon as well.

Labels: Laundry Wash, Laundry Rinse, Laundry Soak, Dish Powder

500ml amber glass bottles with quality black stainless steel lotion pumps

Labels:  Dish Liquid, Hand Wash

500ml amber glass bottles with top quality Canyon chemical resistant triggers with multi spray functions.

Labels:  Santise, Bath & Glass, Multi Purpose

A wonderful old but new contraption which is a plastic free and toxic free device to help you wash dishes in the sink.  Just add a soap bar and swish around the create soapy lathery water suitable and wash your dishes risk free.

A plastic free accompaniment for your stunning kitchen set

  • Recipe & information book

Get all the wisdom, recipes and tools so you can make effective cleaners the right way!

Enjoy a hard copy of the Cleaning up our Cleaner book, which alone is a super valuable resource. A DIY green cleaning guide and recipe book written by Analisa the founder of Under Your Sink It will teach you, empower you & save you hours or even years of your own intense research. It will take you through some of the chemistry behind the toolkit as well as all the ingredients - not to mention all the recipes for the cleaning products you will be making. 

questions? look here

Why do I get some bottles empty?

We are happy to mix the powders and provide them to you ready to go, but when it comes to liquid products which are mostly water it is much more sustainable and economical to fill those yourself. In addition, most commercial liquid cleaning product usually requires preservatives. If you make it at use it within a few months you can skip the preservatives and the extra unknown mystery chemicals that come with it as you don't need to cater for years of shelf life and storage in the various chains of the supply process. 

Are the labels waterproof?

On the 10 piece glassware set that you will use around the home all the labels are waterproof but not suitable for the dishwasher. 

The ingredients come with a mixture of waterproof and paper labels - we try avoid the vinyl when it makes sense. 

How much does the 750ml Apothcary Jar hold in grams?

All the powder ingredients have slightly different weights and consistencies - for example the coconut soap is very light and with larger particles. This means approx 400g is required to fill the jar.  Bicarb, Washing Soda etc are finer yet more dense, so approx 750g will fill the jar.  There is a breakdown of the weights in the book that comes with this kit and don't worry, its all factored into the recipes. 

How the the lifetime discount work?

When you purchase the complete home starter kit, the email address used at checkout will be registered with a special code. 

You just need to use this email address or log onto your account when you are purchasing and the 10% discount will automatically be applied to any products the in the DIY Ingredients collection . You will also be provided the discount code as backup, however it will only work with the associated email address, this is so we know its you :-)

What if you purchased this as a gift?  Not only are you a champion, but you can choose who get the code. We are able to transfer the discount code from one email to another, but it will only be valid on one account per purchase. Simply get in contact with Analisa to make it happen.

How can I get refills?

You can grab all  refills in plastic free, home compostable Earth Bags in our online store.

Why do I need all of these ingredients?

Together they solve all the cleaning needs you could come across in your home. They can be used individually or mixed for a whole ranges of uses like in the garden or for making crafts. Whilst some you will use more than others, they make a perfect toolkit.

When you look at the fact that 30+ ingredients go into making one tiny commercial dishwasher tablet, the amount of ingredients in this kit is but a crumb in the breadbox of chemicals. 

Each ingredient serves a purpose and has a cleaning function which you can explore in this article: The science behind the Green Cleaning Ingredients

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