A gorgeous home set up with minimal DIY. Recommended for smaller families, singles or couples or those with minimal space to store bulk supplies.  

  • A complete matching amber glassware set to display & use throughout your home

  • Enjoy handmade without the work, with your jars filled with awesome products for you

  • You still get to be creative with some very simple, just add water based products like hand wash.


ready made products

4 great sized amber glass Apothecary Jars full with natural ready to go cleaners 

sexy glassware

A matching set of 5 amber glass spray & pump bottles for your liquid creations 

the basics

Enjoy a few simple ingredients & instructions to help fill your empty glassware.  

inside the kit

This kit contains over 20 pieces that will set up your home and transform the way you clean. You no longer need to buy nasty commercial cleaners and can truly cleanse your home with good energy! Click on each tab to learn more.

  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • house

A trio of amber glass apothecary jars that will compliment any laundry! Each will come full so you can get started right away.

  • Laundry Wash- inbuilt stain remover, free from dangerous fragrances and chemicals. Suitable for all machine types and is septic safe. Use the inside of the jar lid to measure out approx. 1 tablespoon, which is all you need for a small load. 

  • Laundry Rinse - using vinegar as a fabric softener is a well known and common practice, but there is an even better and cheaper alternative - citric acid! One jar will yield approx 70 loads and will remove stiffness from clothing. Although fragrance free, add some great natural smells using essential oils. 

  • Laundry Soak - pure 100% natural Oxybleach, a powerhouse at removing stains, whitening whites and brightening colours. As it contains the one pure active ingredient with no fillers, you only require small amounts for big results

A super stylish, zero waste and zero toxin set up for your kitchen. More stunning amber glassware and natural cleaning solutions

  • Dish Powder in Apothecary Jar - A versatile mix which will do over 35 loads in the dishwasher and can be made into dishwasher tablets. It will provide countless washes in the sink and an amazing degreaser for pots and pans. 

  • Dish Liquid (bottle only) - 500ml amber glass bottle with a quality black stainless steel pump and waterproof Dish Liquid Label. We won't sell products that are mostly water, so you can fill this easily yourself using the ingredients & instructions provided in this kit. 

  • Multi Purpose Spray (Bottle Only) - 500ml amber glass bottle with a Canyon chemical resistant trigger and waterproof label. Only requires 50ml Castile Soap, water & essential oils to make a versatile spray safe for all surfaces. 

Ditch the ugly and toxic toilet duck and complete your home these natural, zero waste cleaning solutions for the bathroom

  • Hand Wash (bottle only)  - 500ml amber glass bottle with a quality black stainless steel pump and waterproof  Hand Wash Label. Easily fill yourself using the ingredients & instructions provided in this kit. 

  • 2 x Trigger Sprays (Bottles Only) - 500ml amber glass bottles with a Canyon chemical resistant trigger and waterproof labels for Sanitise and Bath & Glass spray

  • Cleaning Paste mix  - This is the mix to make the famous 'Laundry Butter' Cleaning Paste, which is a multipurpose cleaner. You just need to add boiling water & blend . 300g mix makes 1 litre + of paste and will replace products like Jiffy and Gumption. This will come in a heatproof jar.

It is much for sustainable and economical to add your own water for liquid based products, we have provided the basics to help with this.  

questions? look here

Why do I get some bottles empty?

We are happy to mix the powders and provide them to you ready to go, but when it comes to liquid products which are mostly water it is much more sustainable and economical to fill those yourself. In addition, most commercial liquid cleaning product usually requires preservatives. If you make it at use it within a few months you can skip the preservatives and the extra unknown mystery chemicals that come with it as you don't need to cater for years of shelf life and storage in the various chains of the supply process. 

Are the labels waterproof?

On the 10 piece glassware set that you will use around the home all the labels are waterproof but not suitable for the dishwasher. 

The ingredients come with a mixture of waterproof and paper labels - we try avoid the vinyl when it makes sense. 

How much does the 750ml Apothcary Jar hold in grams?

All the powder ingredients have slightly different weights and consistencies - for example the coconut soap is very light and with larger particles. This means approx 400g is required to fill the jar.  Bicarb, Washing Soda etc are finer yet more dense, so approx 750g will fill the jar.  There is a breakdown of the weights in the book that comes with this kit and don't worry, its all factored into the recipes. 

How can I get refills?

You can grab all  refills in plastic free, home compostable Earth Bags in our online store.

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