Sodium Percarbonate


This is our Organic Liquid Soap in paste form - simply dilute at home with distilled or demineralised water! 750g can yield between 3.5 -4.5 litres of Organic Liquid Castile soap. This is perfect for refilling our stunning amber glass bottles.

To see how wonderful liquid Castile Soap is visit  HERE

This  paste is HANDMADE right here in Melbourne by a beautiful local soap maker, so you are supporting 2 small local business with this purchase :-)

Uses & Benefits

What is it?

This is the paste that Organic Liquid Castile Soap comes from. This is diluted with DISTILLED or DEMINERALISED water ONLY to make the liquid soap.

Made from Organic virgin olive oil, Organic virgin coconut oil, water & potassium hydroxide (also know as Lye/Caustic Soda)


How is this packaged?

Your goodies will be packaged in a 1L clear glass jar