Bentonite Clay

A porous ingredient that has an abundance of natural minerals whilst drawing out free radicals. 

  • Toxin Remover

  • DIY beauty & toothpaste.


Bentonite Clay Relief for Skin Conditions 

Blend 1-part Bentonite to 2 parts water and apply to the skin as a clay pack. Bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin & within pores are drawn out and bound to the clay. Keep the pack on for about 20 minutes before removing with warm water. For facials, apply a clay mask once or twice per week for best results. This helps to prevent adverse skin conditions. 

Skin Poultice for Bites/Burns/Cuts/Stings 

Blend Bentonite Clay with water to a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 and apply to the effective area, covering with a bandage or gauze, leaving it to draw toxins, and help heal the skin. Change every 2-3hrs. 

A Clay Bath 

When adding Bentonite Clay to a bath it is best to run the bath water, and gradually sprinkle the clay over and across the warm water, stirring and mixing it into the water. 

How much Bentonite Clay to use for Bath or Foot Soak ? 

How much you use is really up to you. 1 - 4 cups per bath, soaking for 20 minutes is a refreshing topical body therapy to soften skin and replenish pores as the clay binds to skin toxins and free radicals.Or you could go ‘all out’ and enjoy a mud bath in your own home by adding lots of Bentonite to bath water.Foot soaks are great too, if you don’t have a bathtub, in which case use ½ cup of Bentonite Clay blended into warm water. 

Full body mud-pack !You will need a dedicated space for this as it can be rather messy, a bench to lie on, towels, lots of blended bentonite topped with an adventurous spirit and a friend with the same ! In a large bowl blend Bentonite and water to a consistency of mud. Lie on the bench whilst your friend applies the mud all over your body. After 15-20 minutes the clay can be washed off. Your skin should feel revitalised, refreshed, tingle and feel silky soft. Replenish by drinking ample pure water afterwards. 

 Use as Talc PowderSprinkle a small amount of Bentonite Clay onto irritated skin as you would with traditional talc powders, such as baby powder. Leave for several minutes before wiping or rinsing off. 

 Improves the Health of Teeth & GumsBentonite Clay binds to toxins and bacteria in the mouth that envelop teeth, gums and the tongue. It can be used as you would toothpaste or as a mouthwash. If using as a mouthwash blend 2 teaspoons into a cup of water, store in a glass jar, and use as mouthwash. 

 * Best not to store Bentonite in metal containers as this could reduce its potency.- For easier blending sprinkle Bentonite Clay into the water gradually, mixing as you go. It will hydrate more evenly. Best to not add the water to the clay.


Bentonite Clay is formed from volcanic ash which has been trapped for eons. Trapped in Sea beds it forms Sodium Bentonite and trapped in River beds it forms Calcium Bentonite. When mixed with water it blends to a silky-smooth texture, soft and silky to the touch. Compliant to Food Standards Australia and NZ.

Sourced from a natural deposit in Australia and is finely milled to 45 microns. Harvest and production is a simple process of - harvest, dry, mill, and package with absolutely no chemicals used.



Your goodies will be packaged plastic free Earth Bags. 

  • Made of brown recycled paper

  • Have a corn based 100% natural biofilm lining

  • Tin-tie for easy opening & resealing

  • Home Compostable & recyclable 

NOTE: If you order 3kg or more it will be made up of 1.5kg bags (ie. 3kg = 2 x 1.5kg bags)

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