Stocks levels are low at the moment however more ingredients are continuously being delivered. We will be focusing on ready made products & ingredients that can help you clean, clean clean! You can still purchase 'out of stock' items in which your order will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience & understanding

For the amber bottles


Please ensure you double check the neck size of the bottle matches the closure size! 


The following items will fit our 500ml & 1L Round Amber Glass Bottles

These are also the bottles our Organic Liquid Castile Soap are packaged in.

Neck size: 28/400

      - Black Canyon Trigger Spray

      - Stainless Steel Lotion Pump

      - Liquid Pourer

      - White Finger Sprayer

The following items will fit our 100ml Flat Oval Amber Glass Bottles

These are also the bottles our Vegetable Glycerine is packaged in.

Neck size: 24/410

      - Black atomiser

      - Black lotion pump

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