Here are some good reasons why we should all be doing it.

There are many reasons why making your own is a better alternative for the health of your family & this Earth, let me show you.

1) It's Empowering 

Being able whip up your own laundry powder without having to run to the supermarket is pretty awesome! Yes, you still need to have your green cleaning toolkit stocked up (our subscription service can help with that) but with a handful of ingredients, you can make a whole heap of products anytime and as effortless as making a cup of tea.   

2) It's Healthier

The smell of fresh bread baking, coffee brewing or Mum's lasagne in the oven - all these smells trigger a desire & in the case of rotten egg farts the desire to throw up. Companies have invested enough to solve world hunger to understand the way our brains react to smells & then they made their money back tenfold selling us fragranced water with some other odd chemicals.

Although perfume & the appreciation of good smell have been around forever - some of the 'chemicals' used to create fragrances have not been. And it's not until now we start to see the repercussions, or should I say, believe that these repercussions are real & serious. Dr Anne Steinemann goes as far as to call it an ‘epidemic’ (Check her out HERE)

Our products are free from fragrance & chemicals that are known to cause health issues. 

3) Better for the environment

If using naturally sourced ingredients like our Washing Soda & Bicarb you are reducing the environmental impact caused by the production of synthetic & petroleum based cleaning products to start. Then the ingredients themselves return to nature & will biodegrade with minimal impact to waterways & aquatic systems. 

3) It's Safer

To live a chemical free life is impossible, your body is made up of many different chemicals. Everything is made of atomic structures & all ingredients/solutions will have a TD. This is a Toxic Dose – even our life essential water has a Toxic Dose (which is apparently 6L)

Without devoting your life to studying the science behind this, your going to have to trust what your told about the chemicals we can hardly pronounce. Many of them are new to the market with minimal & no long-term testing done on the impacts. Keep in mind, it’s not all bad – think of the medical cures thanks to the innovation of science. I love science, I embrace science, its cool! However, a Doctor working on a cure for cancer or a scientist working on stronger laundry powder solution are two different ends of the spectrum. That is probably why the medical field required accurate & stringent testing as opposed to the laundry powder.

Mosy of our ingredients have been around for centuries & have passed the test of time.

4) Plastic Free

Think of all those surface sprays for the kitchen, bathroom, this job & that! Even in a recycled plastic bottle, it will eventually hit landfill. Not to mention the dishwashing liquid, the laundry box, the micro-plastics in dishwasher tablets! 

DIY green cleaning products are the way to go if your on a zero-waste journey. You can use one ingredient for multiple jobs as well as mix to create multiple products.  It is with this ethos that we adopt a full green approach at Under Your SInk & use plastic free packaging as well as re-purpose/re-use anything we can to get your product to you safe with minimal waste.

Photo from Blue Ocean network

Photo from Blue Ocean network

5) Saves Money

If you're looking for natural organic & healthy cleaning solutions direct off the shelf, then you will pay top dollar for them. Although it makes sense that better ingredients will cost more, Greenwashing has become a real problem. By making your own products with quality ingredients, you are free from overpriced green products & can save huge amounts of money & time. Check out our recipe hub for instructions on how to make over 20 everyday cleaning products, here you will see how much they cost to make compared to buying.

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