travelling refills

Starting 31st March 2020  I am offering a home delivery/ refill service free of charge.This means I will come to you & refill what you need on a certain day. I will do everything in your driveway at a distance, no touching each other & Ill be gloved (& probably wearing a hazmat suite lol)

  At this stage I will be offering the following (but if you need some other ingredients just let me know & I will see what I can do)

 👉 Organic liquid Castile soap (this has a million uses & handmade in Melbourne, so you’re supporting 2 small businesses when you buy this

 👉 Crystal Clear Percarbonate (this has so many uses I can’t list them here. But if you want to disinfect stuff this will do the job) 

 👉 Laundry butter cleaning paste (another brilliant all-rounder. I’ll have some made ready to go or a mix where you can add water & make your own)👉 Laundry powder (you know the stuff you wash your clothes with 😂) 

 👉 citric acid ( an awesome vinegar alternative, fabric softener, toilet cleaner, descaler & rust remover) 

 👉 dish powder (which you can use direct on your dishwasher or use to make your own dishwashing tablets) 

This really should sort you out with all your cleaning jobs & last a while too.  

So, to start with Wednesday 31st March is the first designated delivery day.  All items will need to be pre-ordered here online as I wont be accepting cash or getting close enough for eftpos. But this means you can use credit card, paypal or even afterpay! Direct deposit is also a greatly appreciated option as it void a bunch of merchant fees.

So where will I travel to?  Anywhere reasonable in the Melbourne CBD or surrounds.  Anywhere along the way from Sunbury to Chadstone - simply get in touch & I will work with you. 

first delivery date

Tuesday 31st March

how to order

1.  Please contact Analisa by any method that works for you (see contact details below)

2.  We can work out what you need, if your refilling or need packaging. 

3.   I will send an invoice for payment via this website & that's it!

contact details


Phone or text :   0410 674 652

Facebook messenger:  @underyoursink

Instagram messenger: @underyoursinks

Contact form on this website (see below)