Under Your Sink was first born out of anger and rebellion, but since then it has grown spiritually. By focusing on the positive we bring rather than the negative we oppose, we undoubtedly will influence the universal energy chain, start righting some wrongs and perhaps even enjoy more enlightened lives.

I have always been considered a bit “hippy” and alternate, that is because since a young age I always believed in something bigger than myself, an undeniable connection with the universe that I could never put my finger on. As a relentless optimist I had visions to transform peoples lives and make dreams come true – make my own dream come true too! 

You might be reading this a little confused or even intrigued, is this site about green cleaning and removing toxic cleaners and waste? Yes, you are indeed in the right spot, and it is no coincidence. There is a reason that brought you here today to explore more natural cleaning solutions and one of them is because you care, you believe we can make a difference. This is the beauty of how the universe works, connecting us so we can enhance this world together.  

Our goal is to inspire you, transform your home and enhance your life.  

By sharing knowledge, revealing the illusions, using science and intuition, we take you to a place where you are free – free from dangerous products, free from consumerism, free from the rat race!   

And you are empowered to start living the way your soul intended.