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About Us

Under Your Sink started because I just knew in my heart that this was an ethical business to be involved in. I am a hands on person and love making things myself, from my laundry powder to my kitchen table (yes I made my own kitchen table!)

I did not start out to 'save the world' although I knew one small change can cause a ripple effect! I simply wanted to make my own dishwashing tablets and researched what ingredients and chemistry go into making them. In the end I was shocked with the amount of chemicals that go into such 'small' items and the BIG impact this has on the earth.

I started to really be conscious about what I was buying, this included the waste I was producing. In the end I had to have re-usuable glass storage, stop one-use plastic and invest in a bunch of 'ingredients' that are versatile to use across my home. I had to get this all from 100 different places, postage killed me and in the end there was no one stop shop for everything.

Then the packaging, oh my the amount of packaging to send an item is just incredible! At Under Your Sink, we do everything in our power to reduce waste. All the ingredients come in fully biodegradable Earth Bags or reusable, recyclable bottles. In 98% cases the bottles will be glass, but in the odd case the plastic can't be avoided, yet will have more than one use!

We want you to have access to wonderfully sourced ingredients in a variety of sizes, as well as beautiful jars to show them all off! Then its up to you, you really have to experiment and have fun experimenting with these simple and honest methods.

Our dream here is to make Under Your Sink a community, sharing knowledge, recipes and also disasters - so we can grow and benefit together.




 Analisa Malone