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You can make all the cleaners you need for your home. We have a whole house solution when it comes to washing & cleaning products that are good for you, your family & the earth.  

And we are here to help you!


We teach & inform you about what you are using


We support you through the change process


We are real about it all - no BS! Real people, real conversations & real solutions

Get to know us....


Hi, I am Analisa & Under Your Sink was created on my kitchen floor in 2017. As I emptied all the nasty cleaning products from under my kitchen sink, I vowed never to buy one again. I was going to make ALL the cleaning products needed & this time I was going to do it the right way! 

Going back, I tried to make cleaning products well before I had a good purpose too. Following recipes blindly, grating soap bars & stocking vinegar in bulk - the fact was it sucked & I still ended up buying crap from the supermarket. 

This time around I took a different approach & researched what went into a Finish Powerball dishwasher tablet. I considered every single one of the 33 ingredients to learn what they were, how they were made & what function they served. My aim was to replicate the chemistry behind it with more natural ingredients. 

I did not expect the research to take me where it did & my eyes were opened to so many things (Read about them here in one of my first ever blogs). I managed to make dishwasher tablets that worked, so I did the same research & experimenting for other products I used. From this I created a DIY Green Cleaning Toolkit that has all the ingredients & recipes needed to make everything.

The most toxic stuff in our home was in the cleaning products under our kitchen, laundry & bathroom sinks - I eliminated them completely! In the end, after a long journey, with the knowledge & the right resources it was easy to accomplish. 

But accessing the knowledge & resources took time & was inconvenient - I hope Under Your Sink solves that problem for you.


That green cleaning is a way of life in every home worldwide!  Yes it's a big goal but why not shoot for the stars, after all this is a matter of saving the planet we live on! 

Our mission is to transform one sink at a time, teaching the right way. It's time to clean up the cleaning industry!

While we are only small now, there is no shame in admitting we want to be a big business making millions.  With the values we have & the legacy we want to leave - we would direct that money for the good of mankind & not greedy ventures. 


Education:  continuous learning & teaching

Expertise:  doing the research, doing the testing, getting it right

Problem Solving:  if something is broken then we try fix it

Simple Science:  don't underestimate the power of science & knowledge

Authentic:  doing this because we care, not just for money

Bold: Stand up, speak out & try!

Honest:  no-one likes to be lied too

Supportive:  we have your back 

Innovative: always looking for greener options

our PLACE 

Watch this video, meet Analisa & see behind the scenes at Under Your Sink. Enjoy!