Not many of us still use the slimy greasy store-bought stuff that can trigger sinus and headaches in more people than not. But I’m sure we have all heard of using vinegar! This is an even cheaper and better option

  • Over 60 loads per jar

  • Removes stiffness from clothes

  • Free from fragrance and fillers

  • Suitable for all machine types

  • Can add essential oils for fragrance

  • Plastic free packaging



  • Citric Acid


Can I use this is cold water?

You can, as you are only using a small amount it should easily dilute in the rinse water.

Do I need to dissolve it in water first? 

You don't normally need to as it will dissolve easily even in cold water, but you definitely can if you wish too. 

Can I also use Vinegar? 

Absolutely! You can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar as an alternative however there are benefits of using Citric Acid over vinegar. 1) its plastic free 2) its undiluted 3) Small quantity required 4) it does not smell 5) it does a better job

What makes this work? 

Its using a simple scientific principal & the power of pH. Vinegar & Citric Acid are 'Acidic' because their pH < 7 at around 2-2.5. Laundry Powder is an 'Alkali/Base' because its pH> 7 at around 10. When you use the acid in the rinse cycle only it will neautralise & remove any left over soap scum which causes the clothes to be stiff. It's even better than commercial Fabric Softeners as it does not cote your clothing in slime & fragrance. 

Is it safe on colours?

It is safe to use, however some dyes will run no matter what you use, so read the labels, test & wash new clothes separately first. 

Can I use this on delicate fabrics like wool & silk?

I have used this with success on delicate items - in particular wool jumpers where you want the softness. However I always recommend testing first with those special items. 

Is this safe for septic tanks?

This is no different than using vinegar, its a biodegradable food safe ingredient that wont harm the bacteria in septic tanks. Not to mention the small amount used per load.

Can I add essential oils?

Yes you can, and I highly recommend it. You can scent all the Citric Acid upfront with essential oils. I use approx 2ml essential oil to 650g citric acid but there are no rules. Just make sure you store it in a glass jar if you scent it upfront so the oils don't leach through any paper or plastic container. Alternatively you can just add 3-5drops of essential oil to the citric acid as you go.

Why do I need Fabric Softener?

 With DIY recipes like this where you are using pure soap we recommend using vinegar or citric acid in the rinse cycle to remove any remaining soap & stiffness from clothes.

How is this packaged?

You can choose from a stunning amber glass Apothecary Jar or in a eco-friendly paper Earth Bag. The sexy amber glass Apothecary Jar, which has a wide mouth so it’s easy to fill. It holds 750ml which is a perfect size, not to big not to small and the lid actually holds about a tablespoon so it’s like an inbuilt measuring cup. The Kraft paper Earth bags. come with a tin tie so they are easy to reseal. Once done, remove the tin tie and it can be home composted. Inside is a corn based bio film, which looks a bit like plastic but it's not. This will just help keep the ingredients fresher. 

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