Organic Castile Soap

100% Pure Handmade Liquid Soap


Castile Soap, a true pure liquid soap that is versatile, mild & safe. You can use this anywhere there is a need to clean!

  • Plant based & vegan friendly

  • Safe & mild on all surfaces

  • Handmade in Melbourne

Uses & Benefits

It’s a matter of simply diluting your Organic Liquid Soap with Distilled or Boiled Water and you can enjoy a range of products like: 

-Dishwashing Liquid 

- Surface Spray 

- Hand wash 

- Body Wash 

- Laundry Liquid  

- Mopping Floors 

- Fruit & Vegie Rinse 

 Its best to experiment and play around with dilutions and thickness until you find what works best for you

What is it?

A true soap is made using only plant or animal fats, water & lye. Anything that does not use lye is a detergent and is made using a concoction of chemicals. Soaps tend to be less effective in hard water compared to a detergent – however is a much safer option for the environment & your health. 


It's pretty runny how can I thicken it?

Check out my blog on How to Thicken your Liquid Creations for some methods.

How is this packaged?

All sizes in our liquid Castile Soap will be packaged in stunning amber glass bottles. No single use plastic :-)