Amber Glassware

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500ml Trigger Spray
With quality black Canyon trigger
750ml Apothecary Jar
Made from recycled glass
1.89L Growler Bottle
With white tin lid
250ml Pump Bottle
With black plastic lotion pump
250ml Spray
With white finger spray closure
500ml Round Bottle
With black plastic lid
500ml Pump Bottle
Amber Glass with lotion/soap pump
1L Round Bottle
With black plastic lid
1L Pump Bottle
With stainless steel lotion pump
100ml Flat Oval Bottle
With black plastic lid
100ml Flat Oval Spray
With black spray atomiser
100ml Flat Oval Pump
With black lotion pump
White gloss paper
For the amber bottles
White Vinyl Labels
Labels only - can custom design

why use amber glass?

It will protect the contents from direct sunlight so it will stay fresher for longer, plus it's darn sexy!