Window & Bath Spray

Natural DIY Recipe


  • 2 cups vinegar

Optional but recommended:

  • 20-25 drops Essential Oil


  • Spray Bottle


  • 500ml


1.  Simply add the ingredients into a spray bottle & shake


This spray will remove water deposits on shower screens, leaves windows & mirrors streak free & can remove soap scum in the bathroom.



Is this safe on all surfaces?

Unfortunately, vinegar can etch porous surfaces like stone & some tiles so it’s not for all surfaces. You should do a small test patch first.

Can I mix this with some Castile Soap?

No! Your mixture will turn to a white milk like substance which can stain some surfaces. This is because vinegar is an acid & soap is a base - they will neautralise each other & there will be nothing left for cleaning.

Do I need to dilute this?

No, the aim is to remove water deposits, so adding more water does not help. 

Can I infuse vinegar with citrus rinds?

Absolutely, but make sure you drain before adding to a spray bottle. You don't want anything to clog your trigger.

What type of vinegar should I use?

Use the white vinegar found in the food isle (next to the balsamic) this is made from fermented grains. The cleaning vinegar that has 'do not consume' on it, is a mix of 95% water with acedic acid which may be petroleum derived.

Is there anything to cover the vinegar smell?

The essential oils will help but will not cover that smell completely. Don't worry it will dissipate quickly.

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