Tile Cleaner Recipe

This is so simple you don't even need a recipe & you sure don't need fancy floor cleaner for your tiles. Here are some easy peasy solutions


There are a number of different options/ingredients you can use to get your tiles sparkling clean. Perhaps test them all out & see what is best for you & your tiles.

  • Organic Liquid Castile Sop
  • Essential Oils
  • Hydrogen Peroxide/Crystal Clear Sodium Percarbonate
  • Vinegar/Citric Acid


Soap & Water
Simply add a small amount of Organic Liquid Castile Soap & Essential Oils (optional but great!) to hot/boiling water in your mop bucket or container. The soap & motion will remove dirt, the heat will disinfect. Just don't use too much Castile Soap, otherwise you can end up with a soapy floor. Play around with the proportion that works best for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Feel like your tiles need a bit of a 'bleach'? You don't need to run for the Domestos, simply use Hydrogen Peroxide or our Crystal Clear Sodium Percarbonate. Just dilute with hot water & away you go.

Vinegar or Citric Acid
If your tiles are not really dirty & you just want a bit of shine, then using an acid should do the trick - add some Citric Acid or Vinegar to your container of hot/boiling water BUT don't mix this with any soap.


As required

Other Notes

You can use this on floor tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles etc

Grab what you need

We have the ingredients you need in various sizes & plastic free packaging, buy online for Australia wide delivery.

Tiles are the number one choice of wall covering in bathrooms because they are easy to clean, non-porous when glazed, and mold resistant.

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