Grease & Grime removal spray

Learn how to make a wonder cleaning spray that removes grease, grime & dirt easily!


- 1 teaspoon Washing Soda

- 2 cups water 

- 10-15 drops essential oils (optional)


500ml spray bottle


Approx. 500ml


1. Add the Washing Soda to your spray bottle, add the essential oils & then fill with water.

2. Seal the bottle & shake to combine all the ingredients & it is ready to use.


How long will it last?

It's not made for the really  long term as there are no preservatives to prevent the water going yuk. You will get longer out of it with distilled water, however I would replace after a month.

What is Washing Soda?

It is mined the exact same way as Bicarb it's just more powerful. It is a powerful degreaser & general cleaner. You will find it nearly all commercial powder cleaning products.

Can I use this on all surfaces?

I would always do a test patch if concerned, but it's generally safe on everything except aluminum, delicate surfaces  & painted items. 

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