Bath, Toilet & Shower Bombs

These little fizzy bombs of delight don't actually have a great deal of cleaning power, but it is a great way to release natural fragrance in the bathroom.


- 1/2 cup Bicarb Soda

- 1/4 cup Citric Acid

- 10-15 drops of Essential Oil

- 1-2 tablespoons of olive or cooking oil


- Measuring cups

- Bowl

- Spoon

- Ice cube tray


Approx. 12 bombs


1. Add all the dry ingredients into a bowl & mix well.

2. Add the cooking oil & essential oils, make sure you spread it through using the back of a spoon as it will tend to form in a few spots.

3. Add approx. 1 tablespoon of the mixture to each compartment in the ice cube tray & compress.

4. Let set hard, this can take a day or so depending on weather, then pop out & store in an airtight container

To learn more about the ingredients used in this recipe click here or you can grab some here.


My bombs were not fizzy enough?

Creating the reaction between Bicarb & Citric Acid can often be a bit finicky. The results can often vary depending on the climate & unfortunately you may not get the volcanic fizz you would expect. 

Are the other ways to release fragrance without making bombs?

An alternative is to simply scent the citric acid & add a teaspoon to the toilet after any nasties have been flushed.  

Can I use this in the bath or shower?

Yes you can - but another option is to scent Epsom Salts which is more therapeutic. 

Is this safe for septic tanks?

The ingredients are mild, safe & biodegradable which should not affect the bacteria in septic tanks like harsh chemicals can.

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