Disinfecting Spray

Hydrogen Peroxide, a hospital grade disinfectant, is released when Sodium Percarbonate is diluted in water. This is a simple way to make a mild disinfecting and sanitiser spray which you can use on all the important surfaces.

The best part is, use this as a stain removal spray and to fight grease in the kitchen as well.  


- 1 tablespoon Sodium Percarbonate

- 1/4 cup hot/water

- 3/4 cup cold water

- 10- 15 drops Essential Oil (Optional)


- Mixing Jug (approx. 1 litre capacity)

- Measuring spoons/cups

- 250ml Spray Bottle


Approx. 250ml


1. Mix the percarbonate & hot water in the mixing jug until dissolved. This should foam up a bit (hotter the water, larger the foam)

2. Add the cold water to cool in down, then pour in the spray bottle & use. Discard any leftovers as it will only remain active for approx. 6-8 hours.


Spray on surfaces you wish to disinfect (not on the body though!) let sit for a few minutes & then wipe with a clean cloth

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