Air Freshener & Body Spray - 2 in 1

Learn how to make your own air freshener which you can also use a replacement perfume!


- 2/5 cup cheap Vodka

- 20-25 drops Essential Oil


- spray bottle


- approx. 100ml


1. Simply add the ingredients into a spray bottle & shake well. Get creative with scents & use a variety of natural essential oil blends


What else can this be used for?

Body Spray, linen spray & even a mild sanitiser (perfect for public toilets) 

What else can I use to scent besides essential oils?

You can also use natural ingredients from your pantry to infuse the vodka such as Vanilla Essence 

Can I use water instead of vodka?

Probably best not to as alcohol makes a great base as it leaves a fine mist when sprayed & is not so wet. 

Should I dilute the vodka?

Vodka is essentially already diluted, only about 40% of it is alcohol so its probably not best to dilute further

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