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What is hard water? Do I have it?

Firstly, you may like to know what it is right?


Well water is not just H2O, it also has a bunch of minerals like calcium, magnesium & limestone.The more minerals particles your water has, the harder it is.  Depending on your location in the world & in your own country the water hardness can vary.  

So why does this matter?

Unfortunately, natural soap products are not as effective in hard water. They react with those minerals before they get a chance to do their job. You’re likely to end up with lots of soap scum. 

So how do I check?

If you are on town water you could check with your local council or waterboard or you could use a test kit like for a pool.  But here is a simple method you can try at home 

          1. Fill a clear sealable bottle with water

          2. Add approx 10 drops of pure soap (like Castile soap)

          3. Close the lid & Shake it up baby!!

👉 Lots of suds & fairly clear water = soft water

👉 Low in suds & murky water = hard water


(Photo credit: https://clearwaterarizona.com)

So how to handle hard water?

Here are 2 simple & natural solutions for hard water.  

Simply tweak recipes to use more water softeners like washing soda, bicarbonate & Borax AND reduce the amount of soap used. 

- When making products like hand wash/sprays that use water, try using distilled instead of anything from your tap.

Hope this has helped someone, somewhere, somehow! 

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