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How to make Dishwasher Tablets

I will be going live on Facebook 27/4/2020 @ 7:30pm to do a mini workshop/info session on how to make dishwasher tablets.  BUT not only will be I be showing you how simple it is, it would not be me if I did not go through some cool science behind this.  

To make that part a little easier I am loading some resources to this page which you visit before, during or after the live video.

P.S Once the video is done I will upload right here in this little spot :-)

what is hard water?

Basically water is not pure H2O - it may have tiny atomic particles of magnesium, limestone or calcium to name a few. The more minerals contained in the water, the harder it is. Hard water affects cleaning because it causes soap scum when it reacts with soap. To find out if you have hard water contact your local water supplier or you can get testing kits in pool shops or online.  You can visit Wiki for a detailed explanation here

what is a surfactant?

Why reinvent the wheel - the Cleaning Institute of America do a cool quick job of explaining this. A visual explanation really makes a lot more sense with this one.

what does alkaline mean?

It means that the pH of the solution is greater than 7.   Percarbonate, Washing Soda, Bicarb, Borax, Soap & most commercial cleaning products by nature are alkaline.  This blog explains pH a bit more & how it plays a big part in the chemistry of cleaning. Read it here

A super cool resource

I love this resource, it has so much cool & valuable information that I soaked in like a sponge.  Sourced from Finish Powerball website, I thought it made sense to refer to the world dominating dishwasher tablet makers.

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