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DIY - why it's the only truly green solution

DIY is the only solution I found that was truly green in every sense. You see when I made the decision to live more sustainably, I wanted to remove the toxic cleaning products & fragrances in my home, while I was there, I wanted to do it with minimal to no waste. 

I was not going to pay $30 for green laundry powder that still came in a plastic container – marketed as – recycled plastic or recyclable. Green washing was pissing me right off & I still needed a solution for my kitchen, bathroom & rest of my home. Bicarb & Vinegar alone was not going to cut it. 

So, I researched the crap out of the ingredients in commercial products & then replicated them with more natural options. In doing this I came up with a green cleaning toolkit of ingredients.The best part is I can use these ingredients individually for varied purposes AND mix them to make every single cleaning product I need in my home. 

Yes, every single one! I have not purchased any cleaning products (other than my ingredients & sponges etc) in around 4 years. When I do my grocery shop it’s the same all the time – I don’t get the nasty cleaning supply surprise. With the cost of dishwasher tablets alone being a small fortune, I have saved $$$ as well as the environment. 

The smell of laundry powder on someone’s clothes hits me hard now & I get headaches. You think (as I did so I am not judging) that clean has a smell – well logically it can’t. How can something clean a smell & then replace it with a nice one we approve off? I call that a cover up!

So, to be safe with my ingredients & avoid extra plastic all over the place with dishwashing detergent, dishwasher tablets, cleaning sprays, oven pastes, bleach blah blah – I make it all. 

“Does the cleaning power compare?” I hear you say 😊 Well the answer is yes! My green cleaning ingredient toolkit has some powerful stuff that nature has provided!

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