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About Sodium Percarbonate

A powerful & versatile cleaning ingredients where you only need a small amount for big results.

  • Alternative to chlorine bleach

  • Whitens, brightens & removes stains

  • Strong all-round cleaner

Uses & Benefits


- Booster for your DIY Laundry Powder

- Make a paste to remove stains

- Soak to whiten & brighten clothes

- removes yellowing from whites


- Disinfect bench-tops, bins & chopping boards 

- Clean greasy pots & pans

- Ingredient in DIY Dishwasher tablets


- Disinfect toilets, baths & hair brushes

- Dilute for general cleaning of sinks & showers 

What is it?

Sodium Percarbonate is a key ingredient in Napisan & other whiteners without the added fillers & plastic containers. It's very powerful, only a small amount is required for results.Oxygen bleaches are materials that release oxygen for cleaning and bleaching of stains and dirt upon addition to water. They are a much safer alternative to chlorine bleaches not only for your health but for the environment as well. 

Our Crystal Clear Percarbonate is a natural, powerful Oxybleach which is simply a combination of washing soda & hydrogen peroxide.


How should I handle Sodium Percarbonate?

Handle with care & do not consume! You can't avoid chemicals, your body & our Earth is made of them. Everything has a scale & at some point too much of something can make it dangerous - just like drinking too much water. So please take care with these ingredients, do keep them out of reach of young children who could potentially ingest them. Try work in a well-ventilated area - avoid breathing any raised dust & getting any of the powder in your eyes or on cuts/abrasions. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to work with gloves. Please read any labels/instructions that are provided with your ingredient.

How is this packaged?

Your goodies will be packaged plastic free Earth Bags. They are made of brown recycled paper, have a corn based 100% natural biofilm lining  & tin-tie for easy opening & resealing. They are home compostable & recyclableNOTE: If you order 3kg or more it will be made up of 1.5kg bags (ie. 3kg = 2 x 1.5kg bags). If you have chosen the glass option it will come in an Amber Apothecary Jar.


More like what can't it do! Check out some top uses for Crystal Clear.

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