20 Uses for Citric Acid

Citric Acid can kill bacteria, mold, and mildew which makes it great for general disinfecting and cleaning.  However, it is an acid so please stick to glass/tile surfaces to be safe. Some benchtops like Stone will not like the acid.

Buts its very effective at removing soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime, and rust- making this is a great ingredient for the bathroom.

Remember to check out the Recipe page for some ‘Make it Yourself’ household product ideas using Food/ Pharmaceutical grade Citric Acid.

  1. Bath Bombs Make bath bombs at home with your favourite essential oils. Citric acid, bicarb and some essential oils of your choice and have some fun!
  2. Face Masks Citric acid reduces fine lines, is very good in preventing wrinkles, removes dead cells, prevent acne and treats uneven skin tone. Making this a darn fine ingredient for facials and homemade scrubs.
  3. Prevents Sugar Crystalizing Food grade citric acid is used in jam recipes along with some syrups and even sherbet!!
  4. Lemon Juice Alternative Run out of lemon juice use some good grade citric acid instead
  5. Treats Foot Odor and toenail infections Use equal quantities of citric acid and bicarb in a bucket large enough for feet, fill it up with lukewarm water and add few drops of tea tree oil. Immerse your feet in it both morning and night for a few days.
  6. Mouth Rinse Citric acids kills bacteria and is a general disinfectant so can be used as a mouth rinse. But be careful – too much could cause tooth decay.
  7. Toilet Cleaner Like the bath bombs you can make toilet bombs to clean and deodorise.
  8. Rinse Aid Make a rinse aid for your Dishwasher using citric acid and distilled/demineralised water
  9. Cleans Dentures Soak your dentures in a cup of warm water and teaspoon of food grade citric acid to help disinfectant and whiten
  10. Jewellery Cleaner Soak diamonds in warm water and citric acid, rinse and wipe until sparkling.
  11. Tile/Glass Cleaner Thanks to the acidic qualities, this is a great tile and glass cleaner like vinegar.
  12. Descale and Disinfect Washing Machine In an empty washing machine, add two tablespoons of citric acid, use hot water, and run on the longest cycle.
  13. Removes wine Stains Using one-part citric acid and 2 parts baking soda, sprinkle over the stain, mist with water until it fizzes, let sit for five minutes and then scrub away.
  14. Car Cleaning Can be used to clean radiators and wheels
  15. Food preservative Citric acid is present in a lot of processed food and the labels show it as “E330”. It is used in the canning process as it helps to maintain a healthy Ph balance inside the foods and helps to prevent botulism (a harmful form of food poisoning).
  16. Improves Kidney Health I would consider this further medically if planning to try, but apparently it helps bind with the calcium to prevent kidney stones
  17. Fights free radicals Again, I cannot confirm nor deny the truth in this so please seek medical advice. Citric acid being an antioxidant can fight off the ill effects of free radicals by neutralizing them.
  18. Cures a sore throat Can cure a sore throat by killing the infection causing germs. Gargle with a solution of citric acid and water for quick results
  19. Water Softener Water softening is the process of removal of calcium, magnesium and other metal from hard water so it interacts with soaps and detergents much better.
  20. Hair Conditioner Used in homemade conditioner recipes, relying on the same principle as rinse aid for the dishwasher and washing machine!

Now go out and have some fun making your own products at home, knowing exactly what you have put in it and why.

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