How to make your home face beautiful

How to make your home face beautiful

The very first thing any guest will see when coming to your home, is the front of your home. This is effectively your heart on your sleeve for the world to see.

But deep down it’s not about what the world sees, it’s about that heart that’s hung up – how does that feel?

So now it’s time to get started and focus only on the face of your home.  For this you will need to go stand OUTSIDE the front.

Now your entrance could be a front door to a unit or a huge garden with tree lined driveway. Stand wherever you can get the best view. What do you see, is it clean and inviting?

If it’s a unit, is your front door full of marks and fingerprints around the keyhole? If you have a courtyard, is it a storage spot for garbage? What about a house with a front garden – do you have a plant graveyard?

Go examine the area you have, visualise what you would like to see in there – take note of anything that does not make you feel good, that needs to go or be updated.  Do a little mental map of how it will look once it has been cleaned.

The size of this job all depends on you and your home situation, but if you tackle just one thing at a time you eventually will have everything in its spot.


What you will need for this challenge

  • Soap Spray
  • Vinegar Spray
  • Rags/ Cloths
  • Brooms/ Scrub pads
  • If you have outdoor area to clean: Possibly some washing soda/bicarb/borax


The 4 Pile System

This system for decluttering works a treat, it usually is only 3 piles, but I have added a 4th for the new age world.

  • SELL


I have a re-purpose pile in there unlike the norm – because this is where thinking outside the box and being creative can really spark some pleasure and bring good vibrations to your home.

Remember, we are going to be organising and cleansing your home in microscopic detail. You’re going to need a spot for everything – and little storage solutions are a must!

This does not mean running to Ikea to buy all matching draw trays, adding more unnecessary items and clutter to your home. Cutting tops of bottles, boxes, etc make perfect little containers that you can fit to size in any area.

Once everything is done, if you can’t find a way to re-purpose then it can make its way to another pile.


The first thing you see

As I mentioned, this may be a front door to an apartment or a white picket fence along your front yard. What ever it may be, get out the soap spray, some rags, the hose if outdoors and start cleaning.

Remove dust, cobwebs, dirt and freshen up as much as possible. Wipe down the letter box as well – inside and out 😊



Clean the surface

If you have a driveway, walkway, courtyard or alike – sprinkle an equal part mixture of the 3 Sodium’s – Washing Soda, Bicarb & Borax. Before wetting, use a broom to scrub the surface and the abrasive qualities of these powders will start to work right away.

Then with a hose or pressure soaker, wash away the negative ions covering your surface. As it washes away, release yourself of some bad energy and breathe in your cleaner air.



Take care of plants

Dead plants, overgrown gardens and weeds are all bad Feng shui. Hopefully the sun in shining and this is an ideal opportunity to trim hedges, remove dead leaves, rake, re-pot, plant and breathe some new life into an old vegetable/herb garden.

Give the plants a good water and give the outside of each pot a good wipe down.

If you have any garden waste, check with your local council to see if they offer a free pick up service LIKE THIS


Remove Clutter

If you have those odd tools, that broken garden gnome or anything sitting at the front of your home – it needs to go into a designated space or into one of your 4 piles.



Clean the bin

Even though it likely this will be re-filled again quick – empty your bin if you can. Sprinkle inside your bin with some Bicarb and give a good spray with the soap spray.

Using a hose or large sink – give the bin a good clean inside and out and let it be completely dry before you add anything to it.


Freshen your Front Door

Peek inside the door frames – is there a build-up of dust/ dirt and grime? What about the door itself – finger marks around the keyhole?

Pull out your soap spray and rags and get working on it. Clean the door from top to bottom, including inside the door frames.



Window Shine

Any windows visible from the front, need be cleaned now. If your windows are very dirty, use the soap spray first. Give the windows a good scrub with a sponge/cloth/brush and rinse down. Then use the vinegar spray to remove any leftover soap scum and give a streak free shine.


Final Inspection

Do a quick whip around, make a note of any repairs or major jobs you could not attend to today. Return all your cleaning equipment to its spot.




Now go an admire your work and well done!!



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